Here is a small Luke update – he is almost ready…

O.C. Register: Luke Walton, who has hopes of being able to participate in training camp, has not started any weight-bearing exercises on his surgically repaired ankle. Walton was hoping to receive medical clearance last week, but Lakers publicist John Black said Monday, all the Lakers’ forward is allowed to do is run on a weight resistant treadmill.

Walton underwent successful surgery July 18 to remove bone spurs and scar tissue and to clean up some cartilage debris from his right ankle.

  • Fred A.
  • E-ROC

    This injury isn’t going to help him get playing time away from Vlad, Ariza, and Odom. He’ll probably be out of shape when the season starts. Good luck trying to get minutes.


    seriously get him outta here. he’s always injured. ok he can pass but in the NBA a player needs a little bit more than that. he’s done in my opinion. WE SHOULD TRY TO GET A defensive player or PG for him. i’m so sick of him GET HIM OUT.

  • yellowpurplefever

    just keep on rehabing man. give the minutes to ariza, Powell and Sun Monkey


    let the hoe keep waiting…

    although i think this season he’s gonna avg a triple-double…

    something like 12/10/11…


  • Michael_23

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    LoL. Nice stats.

    Isn’t your name Scott Hall?

  • Smush Walton

    Smush, I mean Luke,
    You should consider taking the season off and working full time in your restaurant. No point in rushing back, getting re-injured, and then being saddled for yet another season with nagging injuries. Perhaps you can use the time away to work on your “post moves” and your shooting, both of which were quite pathetic last season.

  • James

    Cut Luke he is bad.

  • JB

    come on guys don’t be mean. luke’s trying… he even spent his the off season at a summer camp to try to learn to play basketball-

  • lakers0101


  • ojt

    Walton sucks.jackson’s b***h can’t pass except to the opposing team.Get rid of him,he’s is useless,could not even make the especial olympis or the sparks.