Despite Luke’s latest injury, he says he will play in the second round.

O.C. Register: Luke Walton will be unabashedly rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers for a little while.

Walton wants Portland, which trails its first-round series with Houston by a 3-1 count, to force a Game 7 and thus push the Lakers’ second-round series as far back as possible. Walton hopes the partially torn deltoid ligament in his left ankle will heal in time for him to be available for the second round.

Walton said he’ll “absolutely” play in the second round, although the Lakers are waiting for a re-examination in a week before projecting how long Walton will be out.

  • xfellerx


  • Smush Walton

    Oh RATS!!!

  • roro

    I’m glad he will play; he is a very important piece in the lakers because he plays hard and he doesn’t care if he scores. That is what you need a person who makes the others better.

  • Chris Manning

    Agree’d. Luke is a facilitator. Bynum starting – as reported on TLN – will also help if he doesn’t come back right away since Odom will play that role with the 2nd unit.

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    he dosent have to score luke lovers but if he cant score at least be a good defender!!! gueess what he sucks at that too!

  • Yoke Lee

    Just hope the rooting for blazers wun bring us to facing blazers…I dun wanna face blazers.

  • e-bucher

    good man…keep up the good work…if you feel pain just do a line of chiva…

  • Michael_23

    For all the Luke haters, Luke does need to play. If Sasha has a bad shooting game, which he does once in a while, Luke can step in and dish passes to get guys like Sasha open looks. Our bigs who can run the floor like Pau and Odom can receive Luke’s passes.

    I’m glad Bynum is back in the starting line up. Hope his ego and attitude is put back in place. He should be hyped up now that Phil said he’s back in the starting line up.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop Network wrote “a healthy Walton offers Jackson a set of skills that would be indispensable in a second-round matchup with a certain defensive-minded team from Texas that can grind an opponent’s offense to a standstill. Walton’s ability to keep the ball moving may not have been missed Monday night, but the Lakers could use it as they move forward, something Portland is learning the hard way”

    Pay attention Luke haters. Real basketball people get it. YOU DON’T!

  • ilikebasketball

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    totally agree. well put. and you can see without luke’s passing or dish outs, vujacic had to drive more, or felt he had to drive more, which is not his game. he is a spot up shooter. and with luke in there with him, he gets more of those shots. and if vujacic isn’t working it luke is a great interior passer for bynum/gasol/odom

    and where are you loser faker fans who constantly called Odom Odumb????

    where are you now?


  • LakersFirst

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    Is that Luke had 3 steals in the second half of Game 4 in Utah?

  • ojt

    Yeah Luke keep rooting for the blazers because you only help the opposing team more than the lakers,why not just join your dad and take him to your bar b&q diner and treat him .Worthless execuse for a nba so call player…go join the lepers

  • Nissan

    Good news. The 2nd team needs him.