Well as we all know, one of the recent practices ended pretty rough. After a collision with Turiaf & Critt, Walton sprained his ankle backpedaling before Phil called off the practice due to all the madness. One report gives us an update on Walton…

O.C. Register: Walton is questionable tonight because of a sprained right ankle suffered in a non-contact play at the end of Friday’s practice. He did not practice Saturday. The injury does not appear to be serious, though. Walton said he was feeling a lot better and was optimistic about possibly taking the floor.

“It’s not one of the bad ones,” he said.

  • dave p

    Well let’s see how much Luke will be missed. Lately he has been playing pretty bad, making lots of dumb turnovers and shooting lousy. Hopefully this will give us a chance to see what Ariza and maybe J Crit can do.

  • foxxy

    WHATS NEW!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED A COUPLE OF VETS!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    What do injuries have to do with getting vets? Last time I checked, vets get injured too. You can ask JO (knees), Shaq (remember the issues with his big toe), Alonzo (kidney issues), Webber (microfacture knee surgery), Magic Johnson (pulled hamstring in the Finals), Karl Malone (knee when he was on the LaKERS), Yao (broken leg last year), Ray Allen (bad ankles), Elton Brand (torn achilles), Baron Davis (back and knee issues).

  • ab4sure

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    i am alittle confused. How do injuries equate to needing to get more vets???

  • MILO

    Walton is a fragile pu$$y just like Kwame, im tired or their b.s. if they werent so clumsy they would’nt get injured so often…

  • foxxy

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    JUST A LIL CONFUSED????????????????/

  • ek

    Like I said from the get go…Walton is overpaid with his contract extension over the summer…He will NEVER become the great player his dad once was. Many of you argued…walton know’s the triangle, he is a good passer…Walton is good…BS…Puke walton sucks! He turns the ball over way too much…very inconsistent…like Lamar.The Golden State game showed us…we DON’T need walton, we dont need Lamar, we don’t need Kwame. We need a Great power forward (an all-star)…simple as that!
    Qoutes from the man himself LD2K (by the way did you guys see the sick videoclips LD2k made on KB24.com?)
    LD2k <-beleive this guy he knows the inside info-
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    The package that I’ve heard it would be is:

    Farmar+Radman+Kwame for Kidd.

  • ab4sure

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    Easily confused trying to follow your logic. Then again you didn’t explain yourself well. Perhaps you don’t know what you were saying yourself. LOL