Luke Walton expressed his concern about the decrease in the Lakers defense. While the Lakers have a great record, their greatest rivals, the Celtics, have a better one…

L.A. Times: “Hopefully by the playoffs we have everything figured out,” he said.

  • bc18


  • bc18

    hopefully they have it ready on christmas and versus lebron james

  • K0be08-09

    hopefully, LUKE can you play defence ?

  • K0be08-09


  • ricky

    hopefully, by the next game you will figure out the defense!! i prefer luke being in the starting lineup, he may not spread the floor and shoot as well as radmanovic, but he plays with more energy and can really get the offense going with his solid passing. he has done well in assists in his first 2 games as starter, keep it up and he will get his starter job back. poor vlad though, no playing time at all, but im sure phil knows what the heck he is doing so its cool. GO LAKERS!!!

  • e

    luke plays better defense than radman so yeah..hopefully we can get that togetehr

  • Freshh

    Luke’s gonna be gone by then

  • thuggishfish

    HONESTLY LAKERS SHOULD STOP CRITICIZING THEMSELVES, i think they are putting themselves down too much, they look like they are not having as much fun as they were the first two weeks of the season. i think if they worry too much on defense they do terrible.

    EXAMPLE. if they are worried about layups they double team the player that penetrates even if hes a bad player and that leaves a wide open shooter in the corner. if they worry about 3 point shooters andrew bynum has to come out and guard a PG which will fly right by his ass and guess what? THEIR IS NO CENTER TO PROTECT THE PAINT. early in the season bynum was blocking shots and starting the fast-break, now bynum says: hes not being aggressive on offense which means hes not the defensive player we want anymore.

  • megaloco10

    by playoff walton will be elsewhere hopefully..

  • Logic Guy

    Why would anyone ask Fluke about defense? He doesn’t play any.

  • ojt

    wtf!!!Luke don’t make us laugh…defence and luke wtf…trade this a** out.

  • kkk

    oohh maann i cant believe he just said that

  • kkhkkhkk