Ugh! Not good at all, not good at all! Who will step up for Walton? Is it AMMO time? Sound-off! *sigh*

Update #2: Sources are reporting that he might be out at least a week, pending re-evaluation in one week.

O.C. Register: Luke Walton has a partial tear of the deltoid ligament of his left ankle, an MRI exam showed Monday.

Walton, who suffered a sprained ankle in Saturday night’s Game 3 at Utah, will be out indefinitely and his status will be re-evaluated in a week or so.

We’ll keep you updated if any more news come of this…

  • mr.laker19

    Hope Luke gets better….. just after the season cuz I like our team without him

  • ThaGeek

    aw damn..

    get well soon Luke

  • daboss1848

    bad news for Lakers fans . . . good news for Luke haters.

  • Walton blows dogs for quarters

    Yea!!! One less scrub in the rotation. CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

  • Nissan

    Play Kobe and Odom at SF. Give Brown more minutes.

    Ammo can’t shoot, can’t play defense, can’t pass, he’s still recovering from his injury, etc…

  • ilikebasketball

    walton played great in the role is supposed to in the last game. hopefully we get the win tonight and he can rest and come back for game 1 or probably game 2 of the next series.

  • Farmabrick

    This gets solved by more minutes for Trevor, Shannon, and Josh.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Report says “out indefinately” does not sound good. Despite what all the Luke haters out there say, he is a very dependable ROLE player for the Triangle. This is not good.

    Because of Ariza ankle hurting as well, Phil’s rotation should be interesting to see tonight. I’m guessing more Sasha minutes. Morrison gets activated but won’t see playing time.

  • lakers_fan_in916

    At least were gonna see a chance for ADAM MORRISON TO PLAY

  • ojt

    wallton sucks,no big deal.Walton is more a handicap to the lakers so he will not be missed, but thing is again he gets hurt towards the end of the season so to make it even harder to trade or give him away for a cup of coffee.

  • Dave

    More minutes for Shannon and Jordan. Easy call.

  • luke and sasha and farmar has got to go!!! and im a laker fan!

    luke getting hurt puts a smile on my face lets admit his game stinks he has no defense and no offense hopefully sasha will get hurt as well the lakers are lucky to have shannon brown!! now farmar isnt gonna see no damn playing time haha! how is luke a key player for the lakers?? haha!

  • T-Dub

    LO and Kobe can play back up SF. Puke won’t be missed. More time for Josh Powell at the PF when LO slides down. Plus Ariza is only 24yrs old…he can play 48min if need be. No problem!

  • gugy

    this off season you need to trade Luke.

    You have done good in the past:
    Kwame, Smush, Brian Cook, Minh and Rad. Now Luke needs to join the scrubs list. Go for it. I smell dynasty!

  • let there be light

    this is a shame. Luke has been playin decent. even though he is not a star, he is a role player. thus said, he had pretty good stats last game. all i can say that he is a good passer and his three point shot has looked better. But this is where i call on the machine to come in and take over. if the machine gets more minutes then he will be able to lubricate his parts and perform. slide kobe to the three. powell will get more minutes. Maybe Bynum can figure things out by now or just let powell and let mbenga play.

  • LakersFirst

    What the Luke haters don’t realize (because they are f’n morons) is that Luke does what any bench player does…


    Now, people are saying “Good Luke is hurt, we’ll just have Kobe and LO play more minutes”. The Lakers have no choice but to do this, BUT… this in NOT good because this is basically telling Laker starters to play MORE minutes and produce even MORE. The drawback here is that by the time the Lakers get to the Finals, those starters could be worn down. Appreciate Luke for what he is…a bench player that buys time for the starters.

  • Mitch4Pres

    time for ammo to step up for a week

  • Diehardfan

    Everyone needs to chill out. This injury is not as bad as people might think in regards to the consequences that the Lakers are going to encounter. His injury doesn’t mean that other’s have to pick up a huge weight or burden. Luke has been injury prone and he has not produced. Just look at his 2009 Playoff Stats and decide for yourself how bad this really is. I mean really, are the Lakers really going to be losing much?

    2009 Playoffs Statistics
    PPG 4.8 RPG 2.50 APG 2.8

  • Walton blows dogs for quarters

    [Comment ID #69288 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Get off his Jock already. Would much rather be a Luke hater than a Luke bit_ch.


    This means more time for Sasha at the 2 and Kobe at the 3

  • Darryl

    Luke has got to go..period. He is useless..he makes a decent pass every now and then in the triangle offense. Other than that..whats his contribution. I supported this kid long enough and I defended him when other people ripped him to shreds. No longer can I ride with this dude….next stop…Luke get off!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #69296 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s your obviously not a Laker fan, so f*ck off f*ggot.

    I support who the team is, not who they aren’t.

  • Smush Walton

    Maybe give Josh Powell some of Smush’s minutes.
    He can’t be worse than Smush.

    Time has come to unload this turkey!
    He can work full time in his restaurant.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #69287 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The “Machine”? You mean “The Contraption”!

    We’ve been waiting all year for him to come in and fill it up, but it just hasn’t happened.

    He’s been using lubrication all right.
    He needs to lose the Laker Girl headband, quit futzing with his mop top, get a haircut and focus on his game. Forget about all of this “Machine” BS.


    Aww man. No more Luke? What will we ever do?
    Well, seriously speaking, if we close out the series tonight he will have a week or so to rest since some of these series’ are going to 7 games and 2nd round doesn’t start ’till everyone else finishes. Close out the series and just wait for Houston to finish out and he will be ready by then. If not, he’s gone till next season

  • ricky

    I’m a Lakers fan and I’m getting sick of all these so called “Lakers fan” hating on Luke Walton. Sure, he isn’t a great defensive player, offensive player, and he is not great at any particular skill but he isn’t that bad either. What he does have is great knowledge of the game, good passing skills, and effort. It annoys me how these so called “Lakers fans” can dislike Luke when as a team, he is still an important role player for us. He does a lot of good things for us off the bench by providing effort and energy, as well as rest our starters. As a real Lakers fan, I like everyone on the team from Kobe to Sun Yue because they are the Lakers and I as a Lakers fan, must support them fully as a team. With exception to Smush Parker and Kwame Brown of course, those two just SUCKED and they deserved to be hated on because they had no game, effort, and no passion. At least Luke goes out there and gives 100% and plays with effort. So to those who are hating on Luke, you guys need to back off him and some of the players such as Vujacic and Farmar. They may not have lived up to expectations individually, but as an entire team from top to bottom of the bench, I like all our players and I will continue to support them.

    Get better Luke and hope you return by round 2. We need your passing and energy/effort/hustle of the bench. Go Lakers!!!

  • kb24

    First off, anyone cheering a laker player getting energy should just go root for the clippers because thats more ridiculous than cheering for your own player getting hurt. Second, how can people say that josh powell will fill in lukes minutes.? Have you ever watched a laker game, they have two completely different roles. Luke Passing, three-point shooting, ball movement. Josh powell= rebounding, hustle points. The strength of the lakers is not only their big three (Lamar, Kobe, Pau), but our depth. With luke and ariza both hobbling, you haters should keep your mouths shut.

  • Makaveli3

    I hope he is okay, I want a 100% healthy team even though he might not be that good sometimes. We still need his passive skills on passing and making up plays to make the runs a little more smoother.

  • sketch

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Luke tonight! Despite what the haters think about Luke… he played huge on Saturday! Didn’t know that boy had such quick hands and that he was such a thief!

  • iamthetie

    I actually read all the comments hating on Luke because they’re outrageous and make for a good laugh.

    I hope Luke gets better. I actually think he’s quietly had some good games (you can hate on him baseball passing it to the Jazz to end the half in game 4 but he’s been pretty sound otherwise).

    In the meantime, more time for the Machine! He’s really been off this season, especially since Ariza has taken all the minutes he got last year. Maybe some more time on the floor is all he needs to get himself going again.

  • Smush Walton

    Luke has the kind of game that would really fit in on the Clippers. His “skills” would really be apparent on that team. Hopefully we can find him a more appropriate home next season.

  • Jack

    Bring back Rick Fox :)