Great news on Luke returning!

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton said he is hopeful of being cleared to resume practice after he meets with a team doctor Monday morning. Walton has been out with a pinched nerve in his back since Nov. 16. “I feel great, my back feels great,” Walton said. “So hopefully all will go well with the doctor [Monday] and I can get back out there and practice.”

  • Trem

    Awesome, looks like Luke and Ron will both be cleared to practice tomorrow! Now just gotta hope Pau is ok please be ok Pau!

  • the ape

    for all the luke haters out there, having the dude play is a good thing. he can run the offense and does help the team in his own way. i bet the bench will be better with him on it and… as i suggested in an earlier post maybe bynum. i’d feel much more confident with the bench with bynum, lamar, and luke coming off it.

    so starting 5: fish, kobe, artest, gasol, and maybe powell? or brown?

  • Smush Walton

    No lead is safe with Luke on the floor.

    • Batz

      Wth? Luke is a good defender…

    • WifelovesLuke

      Sad that you don’t know how to appreciate all the small things that Luke brings to the Triangle. Clearly Phil Jackson and Mitch do……I trust them, not you.

      • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

        your stupid Luke plays like your pussy smells BAD

    • Smush Walton

      Rather than pissing away all that money on Luke we’d have been better off to have used it to sign someone with talent like Ariza.

      • B Holland

        Do you understand nba issues? When Luke was a free agent he came off a very good year. That was his market rate. Many times players don’t live up to their contract. Ariza wasn’t even a Laker when Luke was signed. You are an idiot.

  • LAtimes

    luke has taken too many games off. Thank god hes FINALLY coming back. Hopefully we can see a complete team soon

  • Andwe’rethethreebestfriendsthatanybodycouldhave

    Joe’s Smoking BBQ is a bad restaurant

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Dude stay away you suck had the cash back to the Buss family . Get a real player who can run ,jump,shot.
    Your a chip off the old block Dad Bill Celtic Coat rider Walton . Fuck You Luke and Daddy.
    You fag go marry Hamilton now since he called his wedding off.