From what I heard in the KCAL broadcast, his day-to-day.

Update: He hopes to return Tuesday.

ESPN: Forward Luke Walton missed the Lakers’ game at Sacramento on Sunday night with a strained right hamstring, adding another injury woe to Los Angeles’ long list.

Walton, who averages 7.1 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.0 assists as a key depth player for the Lakers, was injured during Los Angeles’ home victory over Portland on Wednesday night. He played just five minutes Friday night against Dallas, and he was in street clothes along with center Andrew Bynum when the Lakers faced the Kings.

“I thought it was something that was just going to get better,” Walton said. “But the longer it went, the worse it got.”

Walton had an MRI exam, which apparently revealed no serious damage. He didn’t practice Saturday, but he’s hoping to play in the Lakers’ game at Portland on Tuesday night.

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  • Whatsa

    Ironic because Vlad had an amazing game today. Man I swear, SO MUCH INJURIES. And people complain about how Chris Paul doesn’t have a supporting team like Kobe, wow.

  • Brett

    A blessing from heaven, Luke sucks so damn bad, I can’t believe both he and mihm both recieved contract extensions, they both deserve to eat a plate full of monkey crap in my opinion. Damn they suck.

  • OwnageTime32

    I don’t think it’s a real injury, I think he just want to sit out and rest untill playoffs. This is good BECAUSE HE SUCKS!

  • Peter

    Please, Luke. Dont come back.

  • ryguy2303

    I don’t think the injury bug will phase us..we have come too far!

  • drake hunter

    Its good he’s injured because if he’s healthy then Phil is forced to play him.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #31859 Will Be Quoted Here]

    eheh… Yeah, I only see Luke when he fukcs something up anyway. jeezzz… can anyone expect how our team would look like if we had somebody else for Luke.

  • lakers4life

    u guys r so stupid..

    u know how good it is for luke to be our worst player?

  • lakerscrip33

    to be honest, better walton then any other player. radmanovic did an excellent job at sac town, hopefully he can follow it up @portland.


    This is not good. I know he doesn’t score a lot,which is why we rag on’em him frequently without looking at the ‘little’ things or to put it simply “facilitate”. He has been apart of some of the most entertaining plays of the year but we still don’t care(Yes!Including myself).

    I do feel Luke has slipped because of injuries and has shown heart because of that,LET’S GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR THAT! Now that’s not saying in the off-season they shouldn’t get some type of acquisition(Mickael Pietrus,there’s your 15 mins.,Mitch),someone that will light some fire under Luke and know this for fact,HE’LL GET THE MESSAGE(Remember the Luke of 2003-04).

  • Smush Walton

    Take your time in coming back, Smush. When you are on the court we all feel your pain. So take as much time as you need – two, three months – whatever it takes Buddy!

  • D Lo

    Please stay away, Luke.

  • KB


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