dwadeYahoo! Sports: Dwyane Wade spent much of his rookie season picking Lamar Odom’s(notes) brain on all aspects of the NBA game, everything from playing tips to travel advice.

He hopes those chats start again soon.

The Miami Heat, who traded Odom to the Los Angeles Lakers five years ago in the trade that brought Shaquille O’Neal(notes) to South Florida, have made the free agent forward an offer to return and help Wade once again. The team has not revealed terms of the offer, although it’s believed to be a five-year package that could be worth around $35 million.

“I want Lamar to do what’s best for him and his family because we love him as family, but on the other hand, we want him back home, to come home,” Wade said Friday in a telephone interview. “His house is still there. It’d be exciting to see what happens.”

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  • mth

    He’s in home!! SING IT LO!!

  • OneTrophyOneChamp

    I’m sorry, but since when is Miami his “home”?! He played for the Clips from 1999-2003 and with the Lakers from 2004-2009. That’s 9 years pro in LA. THIS IS HIS HOME.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Stop suckin’ LO’s penis, Wade. You guys traded LO for Shaq, you got your championship, now stfu.

  • lakerschamps-09

    um wtf yo this is ridiculous think bout it.. we givin u more money n u playin wit a far far far better team.. so its a not brainer man lo better come bak

  • karinLA24

    im sorry d-wade, lamar’s home is in CALI now.
    so get over it :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/YKLee13 Yoke Kuan

    Sorry D-Wade, you ain’t K-Bryant.

  • Sako

    STFU Wade!!!!!!!

  • Myself

    LO is home! If he was such family why did they get rid of him in the first place?

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Be careful what you ask for Wade. LO is a 3rd or 4th option on any championship caliber team. Ah…it doesn’t matter…Miami doesn’t have a chance against Boston or Orlando no matter what they do. Maybe it’s best for LO to take early summer vacations for the next 5 years (blaze up a fatty)…just like he did while he was on the Clippers.

  • kkdagoat

    let LO walk, we dont need him

  • lakersvascular

    but ric bucher says no offer given to odom


  • Wilt

    Pro athletes are so dumb. And when they talk, they have the grammar skill of a seven year old. They would be screwed if they did not have the skill to play their sport.

  • ade

    Miami traded Odom. Now Miami is home. I’m not getting it at all. Lakers love Odom and that was why we did not trade him. We gave him the chance to show what he can do: We also accepted all his inconsistence so what else come on now

  • touching myself

    Wade needs to go home! Marquette University right? Go and play on the Milwaukee Bucks with Ramon Sessions and Michael Redd… that’s your home! STFU DWADE! LOL!

  • Portman

    i call your BS d-wade, and stop kissing lamar’s b-hinds. he is home!

  • domz

    come to home my ass dwade.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Dwayne Wade give his ex-wife VD or syphillis or something like that?

  • sik shit

    Man fuck yall bitch ass california niggas. LO wants to be in Miami. The nigga lives there. FUCK CALI and all the fagget ass spics and hoe ass niggas that live in it

  • Robert

    Home? In Miami? Didn’t DWade say that LO showed him the ropes the first year he was in Miami? What – how to smoke pot? Pick up babes in clubs? Handle the munchies with a sufficient amount of candy? Party in South Beach?

    Shaq got DWade the championship, not LO. Also, LO.2003 >>> LO.2009. His game has changed, so any return ‘home’ (to miami?) would be a downgrade from 2003. But it would be an upgrade in having a party buddy for the night life in South Beach!!!

    “Come home, Lamar — LET’S PARTY!!!! we know we won’t be able to get past Cleveland or Boston, so let’s pretend like we’re playing serious basketball, and check out the new clubs that sprung up since you left ‘home’ in 2004. We’ll be …. TWO …. WILD AND CRAAAAZY GUYS!!!!!”