Love to hear from Wade – one of the best in today’s game.

RealGM: “I believe that Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the game, his experience and his overall talent. It’s not taking away from LeBron, it’s not taking away from Carmelo, it’s not taking away from myself,” Wade told ESPN Radio Chicago. “Kobe has been in the game longer than the rest of us, he’s older than us, he’s smart with the game. He’s the better player.”

  • barcalakerfan4life

    i would trade all of the players on the laker bench especially sasha vujabrick just to see wade play for la but it wont happen wade looks like a one team person.

  • e-bucher

    obviously wade hasn’t seen me play…

  • Freshh

    *Waits for ab4sure’s response*

  • sketch

    gots mad respect for D Wade! he speaks the truth and he brings his game every time he’s on the court. i’d take him over LeHype any day… ANY DAY!

  • lakers2009champions

    he defintely is the best in the game.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #76533 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I am with Jerry West. I think he knows more than Fresh. ;)

  • Freshh

    Didn’t see Jerry’s retracted statement, I’m assuming?

  • lakerman1

    Props to D-WADE, everyone talks about Jordan but D-Wade single handidly won the title for Miami against Dallas almost by himself. He put his will into that series and the Mavericks never regained composure. Dwayne knows what it takes to win a championship and Lehype has not yet shown that ability. Even if Shaq goes to Cleveland next year it is going to take a lot from Lehype & others to win a championship. Dwayne is just telling it like it is. Dwayne is a Man’s Man.

  • lakerman1

    Also how is that nitwits hype someone who has not even won a championship. Talk about idiots, that includes Jerry and the ABS4SURE idiot. Hype someone who has at least won it once.

  • LakersFirst

    Let’s not forget the second half of Wade’s comments:

    “To me growing up and watching Michael Jordan and knowing everything that he’s done for our game. Even Kobe would say you don’t want to be compared to that guy. I mean, Jordan is the best that we’ve seen in our time and a lot of people are going to see for many years to come.”

  • ab4sure

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    Thank you for including me with the Logo LakerWoman.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #76542 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry he didn’t detract his statement. Wishful thinking.

  • ab4sure

    *waits for Freshh to bring West’s “retraction”. He will only find it if he tries to distort West statement.

  • Freshh

    Sorry I don’t live on the blog AB lol -_-

    Anyways scroll down this LA times article to find it,0,7020367.story

    “I love his passion. I want him to win a championship without Shaquille O’Neal because I think it would vindicate him in some respect. If I had to watch a player play, there’s about four players I would pay to see play on a regular basis, and Kobe Bryant certainly would be at the top of that list. Late in the game, who are you going to take to make a shot, who are you going to take in the last quarter of a game? Kobe Bryant’s still the best in the league.”

    I could really care less whom you think is best in the league, hell I even think Kobe and LBJ are interchangeable at that 1a 1b spot.

  • ab4sure

    “Late in the game, who are you going to take to make a shot, who are you going to take in the last quarter of a game? Kobe Bryant’s still the best in the league.”

    Kobe is still the best in the league at taking that shot. YOu have to distort that comment for it to agree with your viewpoint. We all know who his a and b is. He never went back on that comment.

    btw.. you are the one waiting for a response first so you may live longer here… LOL

  • ab4sure

    Also if you think it is interchangeable why even bring it up? You wanted to call me out and you ended up be corrected.

  • meleco

    both of u STFU KOBE IS THE BEST,
    he proved it this year..



    LBJ gonna have to develop his jumpshot/killer instinct to wina ring..


  • ab4sure

    Oh NO!!! Meleco is Mad. Time to be quiet.Shhhhhhhhhh…..

  • Freshh

    Who’s distorting the comment?
    You are..
    I posted it just as it was in the article.
    The context in which West said it in could be interpreted different ways, but it seems like to me it meant Kobe is best in the league, because he didn’t connect those “last minute of the game” questions with that final statement.

    And in regards of calling you out, it was a more ‘frolicsome’ comment because you’re prominent on the forums for getting into quarrels esp. when it comes to discussions with Kobe Bryant.

  • Eidraq

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    i second that

    and as for the jerry west..he was great but after this championship and finals mvp, kobe has officially placed himself ahead of west and many others amongst the alltime greats..even laker hater bs (bill simmons) said it..kobe walks amongst the bball greatests

    its a shame that quite a few of our very own lakers fans still try to put down kobe

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #76575 Will Be Quoted Here]

    West never retracted the comment. He only pointed out that he would want kobe at the end of the game. He is the best player in closing a game. I would agree with that. Listen to the interview I believe it was with D. Patrick. BTW I never brought up kobe in this blog, you did.

  • ab4sure

    Freshh here is the interview. Jerry explains it. “I felt Lebron James has passed Kobe has a player but I also said late in the game in the fourth quarter I would rather have Kobe bryant. Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due”

    He didn’t disrespect Kobe in this interview.

  • SliqRiq

    Kobe is the Greatest Ever!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  • KB24!



    …Y’all know what I think about ass4sale!
    It’s funny how it’s always the imbeciles who boast or talk/spew their expertise-(shyt), as they spew their underlying disdain towards Kobe!
    …But they don’t even know how to wipe the shyt off their ass yet!

  • http://yahoo laker4life

    now thats a baller with substance,lehipe is a joke,and i hope thy get lehipe stays out of the finals….ferry cant compete and niether can his punk as puppet….hahahaha.check out SI they finaly put a really stud on there cover but fuck them to for taking so long.thats why i cancelled my much lehype and not enough sudstance….

  • laker4life

    my bad….$@#@$%@#%^$@#@#^@$#^@ oops i did it again,by the way the parade was awsome and you now we set a new standerd,by rocking it at the colosium,i love L.A,we love it.

  • ricky

    D-Wade knows what’s up! He is respectful and smart enough to understand that Kobe is still the best in the game in each and every facet. It’s good to see the younger players give Kobe the respect he deserves because they all aspire to be like him, as well as Jordan and other former greats. I really like Wade out of the three of himself, James, and Anthony because he is really good but doesn’t show off and he is very humble. I know the other 2 are as well, but I just like Wade better because he knows the pecking order in the NBA still has Kobe sitting at the top!

    Wade to L.A. someday! =) Go Lakers!!!

  • JohnJohn

    D wade……..tell me how my *** taste.

  • Reggie

    Am I the only one who believes that Wade is better than Lebron? Everything Lebron can do, Wade can do to. He also has a better jumpshot. I think he is a better free throw shooter as well.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Credit due, credit given. Props to Wade. Would love to see you in LA some day but not gonna happen. Stay in the East and take down the choken one.

  • f@cktheceltics

    Wade is better than lebron, lebron has just been all hype since he was in high school and wade earned his repect and already has a ring. and he is still humble, gotta respect that.

  • ab4sure

    Juanita Ward!ck. Do you want me to bring out that comment of yours? Yes the one where you dissed Phil. Look at the rings he has brought us IDIOT. HE IS A GREAT COACH AND YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR DISSING PHIL JACKSON.


    Pissin in my pants worried about ass4sure bringing his yapp to a previous Stick of mine… oooooohhhh…

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  • ab4sure

    Ward!ck you say some of the stupidest things. To say Phil Jackson is not a great coach just goes to show everyone in Lakernation that you don’t understand the game of basketball. You try to hide your lack of intelligence with childish posts but the facts is you have very low Basketball IQ.


    ^^^^Wait a minute… That’s my ‘POST’ doin the pissin into the yappin, enjoying historically not to mention hysterically!
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    ^^^^What is with Juanita? Dude you need to be alittle more original. You need to get off this RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn ‘PoSt’ oFf aT tHiS cLOwn.

    Obviously you are trying to solicit others sympathy but it gets pretty pathetic when you use the same old lines. I think you have issues of insecurity to have to always say the same old thing.

    Your butt as been whooped many times on here and it seems you always are in some deep doo doo. Clean yourself off so we don’t have to wipe your smelly ass of these boards. Your game is so old. I know you are in your 50’s so old man you should retire. Your game has been retired already.


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    ^^^^No wanna be ya? Come on little old man stop living with tired lines. Juanita take your meds. Add shots of whiskey at the same time old man. I am sure your 50 year old ass no one would care about.

  • ab4sure

    Listen WarD!ck, I may be 47 but I’ve been through many wars with this team.. so don’t even try to argue with me u flucking prick. Golly, kids these days trying to outsmart their elders.. jesus christ.


    ^^^^Iamwong is posing as ab4sure. What a loser Dawg.

  • ab4sure

    Only loser here is ward!ck,
    u get on my bad side and you’ll be one too LEADERBISH


    ^^^^^What a poser!!!


    Iamwong you are such a poser. You have been exposed.



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    Hey ab4sure,

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