In the post-game presser video, D-Wade said that he would like to focus on defense. And even though we aren’t really playing the strongest teams right now, Kobe’s role as the defensive stopper has really been money! Here is what D-Wade had to say…

“The one thing I want to do is play defense. Learn from Kobe. Y’know, the way he plays defense, the way he helps his team out.”

  • daboss1848

    I’m sure DWade has a newfound respect and likeability for KB after undergoing in a short time what KB endured for a long time with Shaq.

    You couldve sensed the animosity Wade had for KB when Shaq joined Heat and Wade was not privy to the whole story . . . Now, having experienced the great PIG firsthand, Wade appears to be closer with KB – or at least, respectful.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Kobe *D* Bryant! :cool:


    Paul Pierce could learn a few things about RESPECTING THE MAMBA from D.Wade,A REAL CLASSY DUDE!!!!

  • e-bucher

    ditto boss (or ruff ruff)…this team has really good chemistry…everyone gets along and respects each other’s game…but prince does look like an outcast at times..

  • xtro

    That’s why Kobe is the best and better than all the rest.

  • kb24-7

    I have to say I do love the chemistry that they all/USA team have, they are all all stars and this year the gold belongs to USA. I’m a lakers fan full blooded and it feels wierd to root for another player that you dislike when they play against your home team just like alot of people dislike kobe… And now i have to say I love them all I admit they are all VERY good players and when the regular season starts I will love them and hate them at the same time. I hope you all feel me and know were I’m coming from.

  • ab4sure

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    Or perhaps it is because they are teammates now and focused on winning a gold medal.

  • e-bucher

    daboss1848 vs ab4sure…



  • Phant0M

    Phant0M wins by K.O

  • ab4sure

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    If there is a fight will you be on boss’s lap??? I will bring a dog catcher so there won’t be any interferences.

  • Michael_23

    KB: So how are things now that Shaq left?
    D-Wade: Pssh, better. Big fella would never work out with us. He’ll just wait til a month before the playoffs then come back.
    KB: Man, I know how you feel, his fat ass be lazy all the time.
    D-Wade: Man dude is out of shape. I pretty much won the championship on my own with Shaq avg. like 8 points in that series or something.
    KB: Dude should just retire and get his ass out of the NBA. Dude is gettin’ paid bank tho.
    D-Wade: I think he likes law enforcement after he retires. Oh wait, he got booted off the police department.

  • dawg09

    lol anyone else notice abs4sure replies on every daboss comment?

  • west213

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    fuk ab4sure u suking punk

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Wade is a half-Kobe replica =P.

  • ab4sure

    west inside joke your not aware of. What i am aware of is that your proposition of thomas on the kobe vs mj thread is out of line.
    No g ay overtures, this is a laker site. Keep your lifestyle on that other site you like to visit.

  • ab4sure

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    no dawg… a few yes… every no… check again and you can state that you were wrong. apology accepted. Are you crying for me to respond to your posts???

  • JC

    D.Wade has impressed me during these past few olympic warm-up games. Dude has some MAJOR hops and that Windmill Alley-oop dunk vs. Lithuania was SICK. GO TEAM USA.