Vujacic works on attitude

Sasha is working on his ‘tude! The notoriously self-critical Lakers guard has pledged to show more maturity this season, whether it’s taking shots only in the flow of the offense, restraining himself when a call goes against him or not being so hard on himself after a poor shooting night.

“I wanted to come into training camp with a new perspective and a new attitude,” Vujacic said. “I think I was overdoing it last year. Everybody was telling me I was shooting too much and putting too much pressure on myself. I always believe that hard work pays off, but I just didn’t know how to manage that.” …

Frustrated by his diminishing playing time as a result of the emergence of Trevor Ariza, Vujacic often drew the ire of teammates and coaches when he tried to make a quick impact by forcing shots early in a possession. Then, when his shooting percentage not surprisingly dipped as a result of taking so many contested shots, his playing time dropped further. He spent hours in the gym after practice hoisting threes from all over the court…

He has still spent extra time shooting after training camp practices, but he has pledged to try to rein in his shoot-first ways during games.

“He has to understand there are situations where when he comes into the game, the defensive player assigned to him doesn’t leave him,” Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons said. “It doesn’t matter if he gets less shots or doesn’t make as many shots. He’s still helping us by stretching the defense. They’re honoring you because their guy has to guard you.”

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