Don’t worry too much! Its not THAT bad.

OC Register: Sasha Vujacic sprained his left ankle during the Tuesday night scrimmage. It was diagnosed as a moderate sprain, but Vujacic suggested he could be back in action in a few days.

Vujacic ran into DJ Mbenga during a baseline drive when Mbenga tried to take a charge. Vujacic said it’s an area on the outside of his ankle that is causing sharp pain.

“I was going to the basket,” Vujacic said. “Hard to believe, but I was going to the basket.”

Vujacic noted that he should be able to do more of that now that he’s “210″ — and to be completely honest with you, I initially thought he said he was “too tan.”

It’s no coincidence that a moment later when Lamar Odom was joking with Vujacic about getting hurt, Vujacic asked Odom to tell reporters how Vujacic got hurt.

“Tanning?” Odom deadpanned.

  • Jim Murdoc

    Whew! It’s not too bad. Am not sure if I can take another Lakers injury.

  • xtro

    the maaaacchhhiinnee!!

  • John Ireland

    Machine doesn’t need ankle for to dominate

  • Lakers 24 7

    Good thing we got a few weeks til the season. “THE MACHINE FEEL NO PAIN!!!”

  • PeanutButterSpread

    NOOO da Machine!! lol @ too tan/210 … although I have to admit, Sasha is looking a lot tanner, must have been all that beach volleyball he was playing over the summer.

  • lakrfan4life

    cant we just replace one of his parts…lol
    shouldnt be that hard, anyone know where we can find a mechanical ankle?

  • Lakers Examiner

    I’m Sasha’s biggest fan, but does anyone else get a coronary any time he takes more than 3 dribbles?

    Stay behind the three-point line Machine, even if you are ‘too tan’

  • BruinLaker

    he doesn’t need the ankle…he’ll just camp & shoot, camp & shoot

  • Geloman

    Machine! You said you wanted to be the best shooter in the league. What the hell you doing driving baseline. Leave that to the guy who does it best, #24.

    The only lines you should be focusing on are the 3pt line and FT line. That’s it!




    and let the injuries begin…

  • Imadogg


    Best not be serious.

  • Melanie

    SASHA NO! Not L.A.’s favorite MACHINE! He better getbetter before tuesdays preseason game, I’m going so I WANT t see him there. GET WELL SASHA <3

  • SLAK24

    Not too serious which is good to hear, MACHINE still accurate very from 3 point line shoot all the time.

  • L.A.ALL.DAY.

    Sasha does look like he’s hit the spray tan booth one too many times! Hahaha

  • west213

    lmoa the machines toooo excited for the season!!! bangin with DJ!!1