O.C. Register: I asked Sasha Vujacic two days after the Celtics got eliminated by Orlando what exactly is the new rule on wearing green clothing in light of that.

Vujacic basically said that I could wear green and others could wear green … but after so long swearing against it, he was going to hold out until the Lakers won the NBA title, regardless of Boston’s situation. Sure enough, Vujacic showed up at the Lakers’ practice facility today in a simple green polo shirt.

Vujacic said his plan is to play for the Slovenian national team for the first time as it makes its most concerted effort to challenge in the European Championships this summer. That, he hopes, will get his game back on beam.

“It’s not a secret I shot the ball terribly this year,” Vujacic said.

He basically lost his front-running spot in the rotation to Trevor Ariza, and it doesn’t look as if Vujacic will ever get it back. That’s what Phil Jackson wanted him to accept in the postseason and just focus on being solid for the few minutes he was out there spelling Kobe Bryant. What Jackson today told Vujacic, whose season was put off course by a preseason injury and various other minor ailments, was he needs to learn to stop pressing so much during games.

Vujacic certainly has skills and has developed defensively, and the Lakers hope some general maturity will get him to be calmer on the court in the future.

“I’m never going to have a season like that,” he said.

  • PauLAsol

    sasha is the most consistent player of the lakers!!!! whenever he shoots he misses lol XD even sun yue has made more 3 pointers sitting on the bench i mean cmon sasha stop pretending ur playing hot ball, every time he gets the ball he shoots it like is hot.

    even when i like him he is death weight for this team, we need someone who can extend the lead or at least keep it when kobe is resting, until that happens ill keep saying it sasha should play tennis or soccer!!!! or be the waterboy XD

  • sketch

    Michael Cooper is glad to hear that! He welcomes Sasha to his bench on the LOS ANGELES SPARKS! Maybe with about 10-15 productive minutes on this WNBA team per game in the summer, Sasha will regain his shooting form and his confidence to get a starting position on the FAIRFAX HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY TEAM!

    Can the Lakers please just buy him out of his contract and be rid of this albatross? No other team’s gonna want him on their team, not even to write his contract off! We’re lucky that he didn’t cost us the Championship this year and I’d rather not take that chance next year!

    All that talk about Pau being soft was proven to be wrong! They were focused on the wrong dude! The softy is actually Sasha! He’s so soft that they should yank the nickname “the machine” away and replace it with “CHARMIN” (the toilet paper… known for being soft)!


  • WifelovesLuke

    Hey, all the machine needs is a visit from the Maytag guy!

  • barcalakerfan4life

    this guy is crap do laker fans really think this guy will be better next season? players that have a shooting slump through the regular season and the playoffs are bums its as simple as that this guy got paid and stopped working and got even worst has a player cant defend cant score maybe he should be the laker water boy.

  • VicRattleheadIsALAkerFan


  • xtro

    Machine for Mike Miller. Do it mitch!

  • barcalakerfan4life

    i want sasha out of la as soon as possible but i doubt that will happen for some reason la is in love with scrub of a player didnt he get boo at the laker parade? haha i guess the fans finally came to there senses especially the laker girl fans.

  • Boston Sucks….

    The Boston Celtics are haters. If you go to bostonglobe.com click on celtics you could read what they say about the Lakers. LAKERS #1. BRING ON THE CELTICS….

  • cjm

    sasha is done as a laker. i can replace him for only $1m a year (to miss all my shots and stink on defense).


    Sasha’s not going anywhere… The Machine didn’t acquire his nickname for nothing!
    …Anybody that is forced to play ‘limited’ minutes with a supporting cast of ‘Luke Walton’, ‘Jordan Farmar’, and ‘Josh Powell’, exclusively and for the most part, will suffer with respect to their own personnel game, not to mention the overall team game!
    …These particular line-ups are the very ones that cost the Lakers big leads through out the year! …It is not possible for any of these afore mentioned player’s game, to flourish with each others! …This selection of players-(obvious shortcoming), is where I feel Jackson failed miserably as the so-called Zen Master!
    …The Machine’s offensive game was definitely broken this year, but I am willing to bet it will be repaired come next year; no ifs, ands, or buts, about it!

  • Omamba

    I believe Sasha this time, I know he’ll play better next season compared to last season. But whether or not he’ll improve by a lot or a little is on his shoulders. He’s going to make his own destiny, he’s going to decide how much he’ll improve. He’s going to decide what he’ll improve on most, his strength, his balance, his shooting ability, his driving/slashing ability, his athleticism, whatever he decides to work on the most is his decision. Sasha, I’ll forgive you for having this bad of a season and cut you some slack since you did have a couple of injuries which may or may not have set you back a bit, but you can’t go back out on the court in October rusty…I want to see you with complete confidence in your shooting, your defense, your game a as whole! Be a cocky son of a *****! I don’t care, show confidence in your game Sasha! Because the only way your’e going to improve…is if you believe your worth it, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, plus your god-given gifts, and if you work harder than ever before. Sasha, c’mon man, I know you can do it…now, go out and work on your game and don’t care what anyone else thinks, you’ve got my support Sasha!

  • Lakezilla

    Some of the people on here are so naive. Sasha played good in previous years? wtf. This dude sucked donkey b-a-l-l-s until his contract year then when he got his money he went right back to sucking. Lesson 1 of the GM handbook…….never reward a contract year player. Contract year player means somebody who didn’t show continual improvement year by year then all of a sudden he blows up when his back account is in jeopardy. Those type of players always fizzle out. Next year is the second year of his deal so he’ll suck some more. The year after his is next contract year so he’ll be on fire. Weak. Get this brick machine out of here for a real shooter. He shoots the ball like its a hot potato. No guide or accuracy. Like he’s trying to be Ray Allen or Reggie Miller. He’s mentally weak so that’s why you seem him panicking and running around like he’s a chicken with its head cut off. Phil told him that’s one of the many things he needs to improve on in the offseason.

  • Lakezilla

    **i meant bank account

  • KB24!


  • willow

    Remember when no other team were knocking down doors for this schmuck and he was threatening to go back to Euroleague? The Lakers did a disservice to the fans by re-signing this wanna be. Ok his defense is fine but a huge liability on offense. If he didn’t jack up shots every time he touched the rock I wouldn’t get rid of him. Now he’s turned out to be a 10:00 player!

    I say he should play in the summer league and regain his confidence back.

  • Lakezilla

    He’s also a fouling machine. He’s right up there in Laker history with Travis Knight lol. Who can forget that fool. I think he set the record for fouling in out in the quickest time. Like 6 fouls in 3 min hahaha. Chick used to destroy that idiot. I remember in Game 4 or 5 in Orlando, Sasha came in the game and picked up a foul in 20 seconds hacking somebody 40 ft from the rim like he always does. The camera then switched to the Laker bench and showed Phil and Kurt laughing at him while shaking their heads. Pathetic.

  • stdecker

    Thank you, excactly what i’ve been saying! This was’nt an off year, he has always sucked total balls! It just took the morons that dont know shit about basketball to notice it this year. That is what i have always hated about him. For some stupid reason he got labled a shooter when he can’t shoot for shit! he always makes dumb fouls on defense and argues every time. i get to fired up to write everything just thinking about how much i hate him. Everything about him sucks. I was so pissed that Mitch gave him a contract last summer. Did’nt Mitch get the hint when no other team offered him one. Sasha had to contrive some kind of “offer” from europe to get the lakers to sign him. I thought we were going to finally be rid of him when it expired, but no that was Mitches last dumb move in what has been a pretty good turnaround for him. I am just glad that Phil finally noticed and reduced his time to almost nothing by the end of the year. And by the posts on this site, most of the fans have finally noticed too. I have been ripping on Sasha since day 1 and people actually had the nerve to defend him. Well now it looks like most people have got the picture and can see whats up. Except i guess for the morons that yhink this was just an “off” year for him. Well your wrong. i just hope maybe some other teams might think that and maybe there will be some sort of trade value for him. (there wont be) Anyway like iv’e said, just because you take a lot of shots, it doesnt make you a shooter. Fukkkkkkkkk Sasha!!!!

  • stdecker

    Also i had to say one more thing. Do notice he is always tring to get attention. Hes always the first one to get Kobe after something. Always pumping his fist when he finally makes a shot. Everything about him is wrong. If you want a good laugh, check out his myspace page! he is the biggest clown to ever wear a Lakers uniform!

  • Mr. WoodCock

    Vujabrick sucks major donkey d!ck. I don’t think we can even give this dude away. No team will take him. This dude played bad all year and was horrible during the playoffs.

    Funny how Vujabrick and Odumb were not at the Kimmel show. Everyone was saying that Vujabrick complained the most and Odumb gave the coaches the most problems. Looks like these guys won’t be back next season.

    Artest can replace Odumb and will play for less. We can find a better/consistent shooting guard to replace Vujabrick to back up KB. Maybe package a deal with Vujabrick/Farmer and Daco or Powell.

    I hope Cupcake learned his lesson with contract players. He needs to be smarter this time around.

  • lainok

    what sasha needs to work on is his mental focus. he get’s frustrated to easily, and is not the type of person to use his emotions to his advantage the way kobe can. the big issuel, is he is the one that is suppose to be backing up kobe, but because he usually commits 3 fouls and turnovers the first 3 minutes he’s out there, kobe has to come in. every other starter on the floor has 1 or 2 solid backups for them. Kobe depends on sasha for that rest.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    I would give him one more chance. Relax and practice in the summer and get more mature by selecting shots instead of jacking it up. By the All-Star next year if no improvements…then its a BROKEN MACHINE, bye bye…
    This may give Sun Yue some playing time if he can proves that he can HANG IN THIS LEAGUE. Sun needs serious conditioning this summer and adjustment to NBA game!


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