L.A. Times: Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic did not travel with the team today because of back spasms, though he might join the team Tuesday for their game against Houston or Wednesday in San Antonio.

Vujacic’s back flared up toward the end of the Lakers’ victory Sunday over Miami.

Not all the injury news was bad for the Lakers.

Forward Lamar Odom took part in a half-court three-on-three Monday afternoon and might play Tuesday night against Houston if his right knee responds well to today’s activity.

Odom has missed three games because of a bone bruise on the knee.

  • Lakers 24 7

    well…T-mac is out for Houston..and Artest might not play also..so it ain’t totally bad…but it doesn’t mean we should take them for granted because we havn’t been playing well.


    God damn…. alway this fcking injuries! We need some good trades!

  • Lakers 24 7

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  • 123kid

    i always seem to dread this time of year close to all-star break. injuries one after another.

  • as1084

    suck it up girls! kobe has been playing with a dislocated pinkie for almost a year now and odom and sasha cant play because of a bruised knee and a bad back!? dont be such puss*es! kobe needs to show them what it really takes to be in the NBA


    F.uck odom and sasha they suck anyway, trade them both fish is all we need.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus christ. These guys get paid far too much.

  • http://a yash

    I noticed something with the lakers For some reason like after new yrs, were in injury trouble. It kept happening since that 05 – 06 Kobe (35ppg) season. I kinda new yrs for that


    Softness breeds delicateness, and that transcends to fragileness;
    Unfortunately, this all goes together, and comes with the territory!

  • kobe8

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    you sir need your a$$ beat.