L.A. Times:  “Sasha had a little run-in with our coaches in a game in Oklahoma and he hasn’t atoned himself yet for that error,” Jackson said Wednesday night. “He knows how to get himself out of it. When he does, he’ll be back in good graces.”

When asked how Vujacic can do that, Jackson pointed back to the beginning of the season.

“There was a promise he made to us before the season that he hasn’t fulfilled,” Jackson said.

Vujacic said before the season that if he talked back to the coaches, he would buy them dinner.

When Vujacic was approached and asked about Jackson’s comments, he wasn’t contrite. He said it was “nothing unusual” to argue with assistant coaches.

“All season I haven’t been getting much playing time,” Vujacic said. “It’s OK. Coach has his rotation. At least now I know what my role is. He said the reason we had the talk, he told me what my role is and now I understand what my role is. I was trying to find out all season long. But now I know.”

  • parker

    Why use Sasha as an escape goat anyone can see its the bench that is killing us (as well as other issues that i do not have enough time to mention). Sasha as least gives effort. Mitch stayed pat and this is the team i will root for during the PO even if we lose because then the Front Office will have to make some dire decisions and i for one do not see Phil returning because most of the team is not even listening to him. And which assistant is responsible for defense now that Kurt is gone. Bleak as it is there is still hope LOL.

  • kidkaos310

    Vujacic's role:

    How about making an open shot, or not internally disrupting the team as we get closer to the post season? It's sad to say, but the last time Sasha Vujacic had a good game was when we lost to Boston in the 2008 Finals. Somebody needs to fix the machine or sell the spare parts.

  • daboss1848

    Not the right time for PJs principles, mind games, and ego trips.

  • Won A Ring For The King

    Vujabitch is exactly what's wrong with these Lakers: BAD CHEMISTRY.
    Think of this, most Laker bench players are contributers to poor chemistry on this team. Without great chesmistry, you can't win a Championship in this league.
    -Vujabitch: bitching about his playing time all year after he sucked last year. He was only descent during his contract year.
    -Farmar: Mr. Freaking “I know better than a coach who's got 10 NBA rings”. Need I say more? Cocky, attitude, “I know better”, metrosexual female dog.
    -Shannon Brown: was cool until he's agent got in his ear about producing more for next year's contract. At this point, he looks like he's playing for next contract instead of team. BTW, for all the hype about his hops, he was absolutely horrible in the dunk contest.
    Botton Line: This team's chemistry is in the toilet and unless it gets fixed yesterday, they'll have a hard time working together to win another ring. Cavs in 6.

    • whoa

      Let's not forget “Mr. I'm all over Kobe's nuts” Josh Powell

  • lakers0828

    Man I hope Sash is suspended for the Rest of Season and the Playoffs Infact I hope Sasha Luke Farmar get traded or let go by the Lakers Better yet How about just Totally getting rid of there Bench and just Playing there Starters cause thats all we ever see now