Off-season not looking to good for Sasha. For our sanity sake, we hope things get better for him from now on…

CBS2: Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic has been cut from the Slovenian national basketball team as the nation prepares for the upcoming European Basketball Championships in Poland.

Vujacic has missed a couple exhibition games with a knee injury.

  • Jonathan

    ha! even they don’t want him!

  • King

    now if only the lakers could cut him…

  • Aaron2416377

    lakers should trade him, farmar, walton, and morrison for jason kapono

  • dracul

    The Machine hasn’t had a good year in 2009 – Hopefully he can return to productive form for 2010.


  • John Robertson

    wow, that hurts…. you’re an NBA player yet you’re not trusted by your own country….

  • thefishthatsaved LA

    He’d better rehab that knee or he’ll be in hot water in Lakerland.

  • Lo3

    im from slovenia and i watced his every game … HE SUCKS

    • Anthony

      For the Lakers sake and our sake I do hope he returns to form next season. Do I believe he will? NOPE!

  • gugy

    wow, he better get his sh•t together this season. Seriously as a professional making the money he is making is completely unacceptable to play the way he is doing.
    The NBA should make mandatory a clause that players who underperform without a justification should receive less money from their contracts. That for sure would put him in a position to at least try to get better.

    • Gino

      they should also make a rule so fans can also sue players who claim to be far better than they actually are. fans need to get their money back for wasting their time, effort, and emotions on players such as sasha.

      well go Lakers nonetheless. i guess every team needs a goat on the team to be picked on, and unfortunately for sasha he ends up filling that role.

      i’m sure if the league changed to a performance based compensation system, the competition and attitude will be so much different. i’m sure the owners will be willing to change to that, but the players union will definitely throw fits at such a suggestion.

  • daboss1848

    lol – he wasnt cut based on talent, he was cut based on injury


      Is that what we call “NO TALENT” now… an “INJURY”? Hahaha! Dude, Homie Da Clown SUCKS PERIOD! Even his Slovenian Team don’t want his sorry @$$! They’d rather play 3 on 5 than to have him on the team. I hope that the Lakers follow suit! Just cut his sorry @$$ and save us all the misery of watchin him build housing projects with all the bricks that he hoists up!

  • Jackenton

    *sigh* Sasha should have stuck with shooting instead of learning to drive. It seems he started going downhill since he started driving the ball (—leading to injuries).

  • barcalakerfan4life




    Lakers are close to making a deal with the clippers by sending Sasha Vujacic for a dishwasher.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    sasha, walton, and farmar should be packaged and traded for someone!!! morrison hasn’t done anything to say otherwise yet!
    dead wait on the bench, when they finally do come in, they press and SUCK!!!!!! three stooges, get a new gig!

  • Michael_23

    That’s why we resigned Shannon Brown.

    Ca mon Machine start hitting those 3’s!

  • kwame4mvp

    Damn time to call ron ron.

  • 007

    Ok, Let’s think about this. Most news outlets are writing that Sasha was “cut” from the Slovenian National Team but also including that Sasha also has a knee injury to suggest that is the reason he was cut. So obviously, most Sasha lovers are able to argue that was why he was cut. If the Slovenian National Team did like him though wouldn’t they allow him to have the option to just leave the team or else he will be cut just so they could allow him to save face. I don’t understand why they would want everyone to think that Sasha sucks by telling everyone they cut him when they know he plays in the NBA claiming Slovenian national pride. It doesn’t make a lot of sense unless they think he actually SUCKS!

  • Salty

    And heeere come the “trade him” talks… I admit, he had an absolutely HORRIBLE season, but don’t act like you didn’t like him during his breakout 07-08 season and wasn’t glad when he resigned. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt this year before we toss him to the sharks.


      I can’t believe that you were on board for that contract! I never liked that fool and the FINALS just showed not only me, but everyone else that he’s not worth that contract! We need a spot up shooter… once again, a SHOOTER! He’s gotta be able to hit in games, down the stretch, in the clutch! Not just when it’s garbage time or in practice1 He should NEVER have been resigned! He shouldn’t even be in the D League! I bet he’d even be cut from the LA Sparks! Sasha Sucks! C’mon, everybody… one time “SASHA SUCKS”!

      • Salty

        How is Sasha not considered a spot up shooter? He was signed to do only two things, spread the floor and play pesky D. He ain’t Kobe clutch, but shooting 39% from behind the arc in the 08 playoffs is pretty damn good, not to mention his performance in game 3 against Boston. As a ROLE PLAYER, he did his part, you can’t always expect the whole package.

        The contract might be very ugly now considering he hasn’t shown jack since and how over the cap the Lakers are, but at the time it was considered fair market value. A year ago his contract was just about the going rate for role playing shooters like him. Check out what some players comparable to Sasha are making this year… JR Smith ($5.5 mil), Jason Kapono ($6.2), Raja Bell ($5.2), Kyle Korver ($5.1). Not to mention VRad and Walton got bloated mid-level contracts prior, so the Lakers had no choice but to negotiate in that range.

        Now I’m not trying to defend him fully, because like I said, he had a HORRIBLE year, but it’s only been one season, he’s still 25, and we only have him for two more years… he still has a chance to prove if he’s a bust or just had an off year.

  • Source

    hope sasha gets better, he’s our kerr/paxson with all the clutch 3’s he drilled during the finals!

  • troll

    sasha is the gonna come back with a vengence

    • gugy

      I hope so.


    I Sasha great player, I slamma jamma bing bong over tough peoples, they no see talent and flowing hair I have? Me and kobe is BFF, do they not know that?

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

      Read the full story, people!

      Yes, Sasha was cut, but his leather hairband made the Estonian squad and scored 23 pts (7-10 FG%, 3-3 3pt%), made 2 steals, and had 5 rebounds against the Lithuanian Special Olympics Mixed Gender Squad (boys, girls, and trannies).

      Congratulations to Sasha’s leather hairband!

      • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

        Whoops, those are raw stats, not percentages.

        My apologies to Sasha’s leather hairband and the Laker Nation.

  • kevin 0


  • kevin 0

    at least for a future 2nd round pick in 2023

  • Ease Up

    All these haters probably lobbied to pay the guy after the 2008 finals (“WE NEED TO KEEP SASHA!”)~It was like Ariza/Odom contract watch. He has a bad year and all you want to rag on the guy. He may have not shot well, but he worked hard to improve his defense, ball-handling, and STILL stays late after practice, shooting, and comes early to shoot some more. Have some faith in your players please, this isn’t Kwame Brown we’re talking about here.

  • D-Fish4Governor

    yeah right lets ‘give sasha a chance’ i agree to that. BUT after this season is over if he doesnt improve he will pretty much be traded since he has an expiring contract. dammit sasha. wat the f-uck is with you. go play some hardball and make points!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    It’s now (’09/’10) or never (traded by Feb ’10 deadline) for Sasha as far as the Purple and Gold are concerned.

    He’d better have a helluva first 3 months of the season.

    Don’t be stunned if Adam Morrison starts taking minutes away from Sasha (be a little shocked, but not stunned).

  • the ape

    if morrison comes into his own this season – and there’s a good chance he will… nothing fancy, just good for 8-10 points a game on spot up shooting – then there is totally no need for sasha on the lakers.

    i’d trade him for a future pick which we use to get a point guard.

  • BShawk

    waive the hairnet.

  • Smush Walton

    Sasha was horrible last year. He did not score a single point in the finals. The Machine? Yeah, right – more like the Contraption!He’s always futzing with that lame headband and his ratty hair. He needs to trash the girlie headband, get a haircut and get back to basics.

  • thanhnugent

    Let’s give Sasha, Farmar, and even Morrison a chance to show their things for one more season and let’s not give it to Walton anymore. He proves time and again he doesn’t belong in the NBA, let alone the Lakers.