VTB: Jazz fan confronted Fisher, verbally threatened him and his family

    This is a disgrace to NBA fans all over the world. One idiot in Utah confronted Fisher and started verbally abusing him with cursing and threats towards his family. Local radio host Vic The Brick reported it late last night. Here is a report from LG. Utah is going to get what is coming to them…

    LG.net: The fan reportedly peppered Derek with all kinds of bad names including “Liar” leading to Fisher barking back and being visibly upset…..

    Not sure if this bothers anyone else but this pisses me right off as a Lakers fan!!!!

    This just solidifies my opinion that Utah has the most classless fans in the history of professional sports!!!!

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    • True Lakers Fan

      WTF is going wrong with these fans r they stupid fisher and kobe should go off on these idiots this pissed me off i want KB to hear this

    • http://lakers.com lakers818

      i hate UTAH fans..dam MORMONS…u never see a black person in the Arena..all white KKK’s Foos ( no Offense) but UTAH is all Republicans…F”"”"”‘that


      I hope this is true,’cause if it is……KOBE’S GOING TO HAVE 60 TOMMORROW!

      IT’S PERSONAL,IT’S DAMN PERSONAL.com,UTAH,if that’s your best…well,let’s just say I The Red Snapper fish,GET IT,4-1!!!

    • magicbalala245


    • Lakers 24 7

      Utah fans messin’ with Fisher again? Didn’t they learn what happened last time? Kobe about to murder the Jazz next game, IN UATH!

    • Craig W.

      The comments just say things about the fan in question. Our labeling “the Mormons” is another example of racist tendencies in ourselves. People that are different are not aliens and we need to avoid our impulse to exclude them from polite society. That is a lot of the reason we keep building bigger weapons. Let’s start with the little things – like obnoxious sports fans – and get our habits straight.

    • lakers4life

      new all-time points in one playoff game tomorrow for kobe??

    • SliqRiq

      [Comment ID #35312 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Let me guess your a Democratic Liberal

    • che

      [Comment ID #35336 Will Be Quoted Here]

      ya he is is their a promblen fadget

      che guevara 4 life

    • SliqRiq

      [Comment ID #35340 Will Be Quoted Here]

      I wasnt talking to you, tu eres pendejo tambien no chinges conmigo !!!

    • kb24isback

      classless but this is just what we need to fuel our fire

    • DFish0.4


    • daboss1848

      Fan = Fanatic
      fanatic is defined as “a person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.”

      Big deal . . . I would’ve lashed out far more.

      To say “that Utah has the most classless fans in the history of professional sports” is just a tad bit extreme.

      Check out some baseball, football, and even basketball games on the east coast. Or better yet, don’t . . because if u think this over the top, u have no idea . . .

      ROFL at bringing in religion and politics into the conversation.

    • GotAce

      They sealed their fate.


    • lalball81

      Gotta agree with Daboss 1848. Just because one fan allegedly verbally assaulted Fisher doesn’t turn their entire fan base into the “most classless of all time”. I’m sure there are plenty of Utah fans that act with a lot of class, and appreciate Fisher for what he brought to their team.

      Plus I’m not familiar with this source, so I don’t really know whether to believe it.

    • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

      Screw that Jazz fan.

    • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

      [Comment ID #35346 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Could not agree more.

    • laker-nate

      [Comment ID #35317 Will Be Quoted Here] best comment ever!!! LMFAO while i read that…hahahahahahahaha…kobe is nonna have a field day with the jazz 2mrw…cant wait!

    • lakerschamps08

      thats a bad fan..but wwatever… umm yea kobe needs to go OFFFFFFFFF.. and GASOL also needs to show up… go lakers

    • MILO

      These guys have no class!!!

    • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

      Well…I guess they’re really testing their homecourt game, but this will only push Kobe, Fisher, Phil and the rest of the Lakers to greatness and we’ll win our 7th game(maybe, maybe not) in the playoffs, but let’s just hope that we don’t get too caught up in this fanatic’s comments and…well…you know…


      i agree we shouldnt blamc ALL utah fans. Only the fucking fag fans that STILL Dont understand why fish left, to save his daughter. I mean WTF? Cmon the poor guy’s baby had a tumor. Too bad Utah doesnt have good enough doctors

    • gugy

      F U C K U T A H!

      Kobe will kill them tomorrow!

      “You shake the tree, a leopard’s gonna fall out.”

    • Remy

      this is great, this is only gonna make their defeat more painful and our victory sweeter cuz we’re gonna return the favor and give them the a*s whoopping of a lifetime!

      kobe and fisher should both pop their jersey

    • west213

      all fuckin white boy red neck mothe fu ckers.

    • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

      damn these phuckin’ MORmONS! :D

    • BringDFishBack

      I really hope Kobe and the rest of the team knows about this. Fish doesn’t seem like the person to bring this up, but I hope either someone else heard it or Fish told everyone. We all know what happened last time the Lakers took it personally, especially Kobe. Also, whatever was said must have been pretty bad. Fish isn’t the one to get upset, especially over something a meaningless fan said, but to get him visibly upset must have taken some HARSH words. Stick it to em tonight Kobe & Fish.

    • ab4sure

      Well another classless NBA fan who is also ignorant. Classless and Ignorant??? Why are we surprized by this??? Don’t we tolerate a few classless and Ignorant fans here on lakernation who trash other respectable NBA players like Fisher???

    • Nabil

      Ef UTAH. It’s a ho of a state- beautiful on the outside, ugly as hell on the inside. As if Fish didn’t go through enough already. I’m not upset as a Laker fan. I’m upset as a human. WTF?!!? Bastards.

    • .

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      “You shake the tree, it’s gonna cum.”

    • Odom the worst player

      I live here in utah, and these fans are the most stupid fans anywhere in the country.

    • asdfasdf

      yes, because one fan is indicative of a whole city…


      just another reason to blow out these suckas.