David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers are back for another episode of VOTN: Fastbreak. This week, the guys discuss:

  • Sarah Palin had One Night Stand with Glen Rice
  • Jerry West Takes Jab at Kobe and Phil in New Book
  • Ron Artest is officially ‘Metta World Peace”
  • NBA 2k12 Ranks LeBron ahead of Kobe


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  • LakerLiker

    Love the show guys. DJ-K, you 3 mesh well. I’m glad you mentioned some NBA 2K12 talk. Riley is right, you never hear much about it. Like many fans, I’ve been a fan since the Dreamcast days of Iverson making cover after cover.

    Side note – Congrats to Chris Manning for joining 2K Sports.

    You guys rock!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been buying nba games since 05.  the nab live with vince carter on the cover.  i just recently switched to 2k 3 years ago n now that i know that lebron’s rating is higher than kobes’, a big margin of difference. i will not buy this year’s game.  i say phuck it.  they’re all idiots.  

  • PricelessT

    kobe wasnt necessarily clutch last season either so i get how he got ranked lower