David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers are back for another episode of VOTN: Fastbreak. This week, the guys discuss:

  • #ESPNRank has Kobe Bryant as the 7th best player in the NBA
  • Plus, your chance to win the Jerry West book “West By West” (Watch below for details)

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  • lebronbetterthankobe

    kobe should be last
    in 30 years kobe would have no fingers and steel egs
    lebron james is better than kobe for proof every time they play head to head lebron has come up on top justsaying

    this proves my point

    • Zay steez

      how many rings do lebron got ? Only Kings have rings son!!!!!!!

    • Zay steez

      how many rings do lebron got ? Only Kings have rings son!!!!!!!

  • alife

    David Brickley, love your work, love the controversy you stir. BUT. do you intentionally impose your opinion as if it were universal or do you seriously not realize your insane bias? 

    I’ve been listening to VOTN for a while and from time to time again, you seem to place kobe upon an untouchable pedestal. granted, we have not been able to see a FULLY healed kobe to really guage his performance at this age. However, injuries are a part of the game meaning AT this very point in time, Lebron and Dwade is better than kobe. Not better when looked upon in retrospective, but for individual performances. The boys from south beach are better. younger, quicker, stronger, etc. They may not be stronger mentally, but with their skill and athletic abilities, they can avoid those dire situations. They say basketball fans are very short minded. Recall and base “facts” only on what has recently happened. Using Lebron camping at the 3pt line to label lebron as no-clutch while also bypassing his auburn hills performance is absurd. Melo is better than blake, hands down.Dwight is undeniably a young version of shaq. shaq gave lakerdome 3 championships. if you really believe a big man cannot be THE guy over a dominant guard because he gets fed the ball, best rewatch how shaq became the most dominant big guy of the past era.

    I do agree with Figgers for the most part. His Lebron analysis was on point. I could agree with a lot of his arguments. One minor thing though is that I think Melo is better than Dwill, ever so slightly. In terms of pg’s, Dwill is probably behind derek rose as well as chris paul. cp3 is top simply because of his pure ability to distribute the ball and run the point correctly. rose is an amazing talent but has not truly develop the game of point guard. pure pgs, dwill is a close second. As for melo, he just needs to put forth more effort on the defensive end. as great as his midrange game is, I would like to see melo use his bigger frame and beast in the low block.i have much much more to say. this post is just too long though. i shall cut it here and praise you all for promoting such a fun-filled debated.LebronDwadeKobe
    Durant (young and still rushes a lot of his shots)
    DwightRose Dirketc

  • http://twitter.com/mrnitsa Alexey

    kobe is still here on top 5 but don’t forget he’s older than others exept Dirk but it’s another kind of player – stay healthy, Kobe