David Brickley, Jason Riley and Kevin Figgers are back for another episode of VOTN: Fastbreak. This week, the guys discuss:

- A Former Laker is Charged with Murder
– World Peace Put on hold for Ron Artest
– NBA and NBAPA Meet for 6 Hours on Lockout
– Brandon Jennings says Kobe is not LA enough

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  • http://profiles.google.com/carlojortega Carlo Ortega

    The best and only highlight of Brandon Jennings’ career was the 50-pt game in his rookie season.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Figgers is such a Kobe hater. Get this dumb ass off this show. He needs to work for Lebrick.com

  • Luke Sucks

    BJ go do what you do best.  Suck.

    Just like Luke.

  • Tlue_24

    jennings stop letting a lil fame go to ur head . u are not and will never be as good as kobe”s SHOES. stop hating and go get a game.

  • GFX

    Obviously you guys don’t know the entire story and got your information from following Brandon Jennings’ and Kevin Durant’s twitter pages . If you’re a Drew league regular (and not just from this past season) you would know that only LA natives are chosen for the Drew All Star Team to compete against other leagues (similar to what NY does). This season has been unique in that players like KD, Lebron, and Kobe came out and played for the Drew, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to ask Lebron to play for the Drew because he played in one game. Kobe is my favorite player in the planet, however I am going to have to agree with BJ and say that Kobe shouldn’t play. I don’t think it was BJ place to make that statement, but I also don’t think people should give him a hard time for it. BJ is just an LA native trying to prove that LA has the best basketball talent… I don’t think he was trying to take a shot at Kobe.

  • @ifeeldzy

    the drew wanted kobe there, nuff said, who cares what anybody else  thinks especially Brandon Jennings and especially that corny a** Under Armour brand if they had anything to do with it. at the end of the day its about the fans and they wanted to see kobe regardless of where he was born. Just as it was mentioned on VOTN BJ just mad because hes an LA native but isnt in demand like other non LA native players are