David Brickley, and Kevin Figgers are back for another episode of VOTN: Fastbreak. This week, the guys discuss:

  • KG Didn’t Like Lakers Situation in 2007
  • Kobe Bryant joins Twitter…for 3.5 Hours
  • NBA Season to now start on time?
  • Lamar asks Twitter Followers for advice
  • What Laker Guaranteed a 2012 NBA Title?

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  • Bojeezy

    I like that Ron Artest guaransheed that we will win it all this year.

  • Jcruzet88

    Great videos guys! Keep up the 10 minute videos when the season starts, the 1.5 hr long podcasts were great but just too long for anyone to listen to, even the biggest of Laker fans.

  • Anonymous

    I must agree. This short format is perfect for the little tidbits that are dribbling in and just enough to keep us coming here. This lockout is going to be painful. Sorry Brick, but I think it is. This is just enough to satisfy my Lakers jones and keep me level.