It is time for March Madness, and Lakers fan or not, everybody will be glued to their TV sets in the following weeks to see who comes out of the field of 64.

But what if there was a bracket of the TOP LAKERS MOMENTS of ALL-TIME. What if they squared off against eachother, round by round, until a ultimate moment was crowned the TOP LAKERS MOMENT.

Magic’s hook shot against the Celtics, Kobe’s alley-oop to Shaq against the Blazers, Horry’s game winning three against the Kings.

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Tell us what your Top Lakers Moment is, and the Voice of the Nation committee will make the selections, and the moments will face off against each other on each and every Voice of the Nation until the champion is crowned.

Thanks for all your help in advance Nation!

– The Voice of the Nation

Note: If possible a YouTube link to your top moment will help!


    hands down this is the top Laker moment


    or maybe this as a close second or maybe even #1

  • Don-WithMalice

    For me, it would have to be Fish’s 0.4 shot to win game 5 over the Spurs in the Western Conference semis.
    He took the air out of the entire city of San Antonio.

    It was beautiful.

  • Base

    20 Point Comeback. Plus the shot to cap it off is sweet

  • Super Chief

    Greatest Laker moment? The night Kareem became the all time leading scorer in NBA history.

  • Kobe “3peat” Jordan

    “Showtime” for a Dynasty

    In 1979, Dr. Jerry Buss acquired the Los Angeles Lakers (in addition to the LA Kings & the Great Western Forum) but drafted Erving Magic Johnson and went on to make history. Magic Johnson is not only revered as the greatest player (debated against MJ) in the NBA, but still highly regarded as the greatest PG and Laker of all time.

    Although Larry “Legend” went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award, Magic became the first rookie to not only play all five positions his rookie year, but went on to win the Finals MVP starting at center during game 6 in Philadelphia against Dr J. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was sidelined with an injury before the game.

    • Kobe “3peat” Jordan

      Magic Johnson 1980 Finals MVP starting at center:

      42 Points

      15 Rebounds

      7 Assist

    • daboss1848

      It should be pointed out that the Lakers were going to trade down to select Sidney Moncrief (a Jerry West choice). Buss made his purchase of the Lakers contingent on Magic Johnson being selected with the 1st pick.

  • Salty

    Just from this past decade:

    – Kobe to Shaq alley-oop (2000 WCF Game 7)
    – Horry game winner on (2002 WCF Game 4)
    – 27pt 4th quarter comeback vs Mavs (Dec 2002)
    – Kobe 12 3s vs Seattle (Jan 2003)
    – Kobe 9 straight games of 40+ (Feb 2003)
    – Kobe two clutch 3s in Portland to win Pacific Division (April 2004)
    – Fisher 0.4 (2004 Semis Game 5)
    – Kobe 62 to outscore Mavs in 3qtr (Dec 2005)
    – Kobe 81 (Jan 2006)
    – Kobe clutch shot and game winner over Suns (2006 Game 4)
    – Kobe 4 straight games of 50+ (March 2007)
    – Kobe 61 at MSG (Feb 2009)
    – Fisher clutch 3s vs Orlando (2009 Finals Game 4)

  • gofeedtina

    My top Five
    1.Horry’s game winner.
    2. Fish 0.4
    3. Kobe gw vs suns in 06
    4. Beating kings in game seven
    5. Fish 3’s last year

    But there is so many