The fans have spoken, and the all-time Lakers moments have been seeded. 32 Lakers moments will square off against one another to see which indeed is the TOP Lakers moment of all-time. And in the end, five rounds will determine the true winner.

Best of all, each and every matchup will be voted on by you; the fans.

The moments that advance, round by round, will be announced on Voice of the Nation!

Let the games begin…

Polls closed for Round 1 — Results during the next episode of Voice of the Nation!

Brackets after the break…

  • desecrator93

    all ya’ll little kiddies better vote smart now. Dont be only voting for shyt 2000 or later.

    • Matt from Dallas

      i didnt even read them i just clicked on anything tht i saw Kobes name in :)

      is that what u mean?

      • desecrator93

        rofl f*ck off Matt!!

      • desecrator93

        and fuck the Mavedicks too….

  • lker10

    How can u ask us to compare SIGNING a player versus an EVENT like a game winner? Not right and unfair; u should put an event vs event and player trade/acquisition vs another player trade…

    • LC09

      yea i kinda agree wit u that but still not all that bad wen u look at it… BUT kobe took over game 4 in 2000 finals not game 5 minor mistake

  • PB2000

    Wow, this is sooo hard! It is nearly impossible to make the right choice. i.e. # 3 and #5. Massive!!!