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  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    if this is regarding licking bryants tiny testes, these girls 5`3,slowtime 4 nothing,242homo…they will kill each other to get his juice…………MIAMI is the face of the NBA.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      Sorry laffs atu, it isn’t.

    • L8KER#1

      Damn fool, why are you on a LAKERS website, bandwagon fan………………….. 16 Championships to 1………

  • Ummm…..

    Quick question. Why doesn’t the survey have an option about NEVER listening to the podcasts?

  • avcpl

    done and done!

    HEY, try to make each podcast an hour, ok?

    That way I can get in an hour of cardio when I listen and exercise! lol

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work–gonna be an interesting season!

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  • LizzakeShizzow


  • kiantech

    where was the part of the survey rating the hosts…that was the only reason I went to it…I’ll give you a clue, one host gets a 10, the other a -10, you can guess who got what.

    • LeBron’s Elbow

      You sound like a bitch.

  • Dave

    I was also looking for an area to make some constructive criticism, but unfortunately the survey was entirely multiple choice.

    An example. I mostly enjoyed the Matt Barnes interview, but was disappointed by the all-too-frequent interruptions about who you were talking to … in case we forgot from 45 seconds prior. The preparation also seemed lacking, which was made especially obvious when the hosts finished the interview and said, “Hey, we should have asked about LeBron.”

    • avcpl

      The thing I hated about the Matt B. interview is you had to go with the tired and obvious questions about the inbound pass; we can get that anywhere and he was obviously as sick of talking about it as we are of hearing about it.

  • David Brickley

    This is purely a demographic survey. We will be releasing an overall survey in the following days! Thanks for your help on this one though we appreciate it!

  • Po Po

    this is the kind of information that’s collected and sold to people . . . . another shady move by TLN like that stupid ass commercial last year to meet girls . . everything about this site’s a joke except Kam’s graphix . .he gets props for that

  • inFamoUs

    Scrubs Unite.. Go Lakers!!!