From the creators of the Kobe/Gasol 08 bumper sticker. is proud to exclusively present the “Vittiz”.

When the fans found out about Kobe Bryant deciding to sacrifice pinky surgery to repair his hand for a shot at the NBA championship, we wanted to reciprocate the dedication right back to the reigning league MVP.

For the fans, from the fans, we have created the Vittiz. Exclusively made by Gamer’s Gear LLC and available only at, the Vittiz is a way for you to show the love, honor and support of his decision to play this upcoming season.

Sport the Vittiz in appreciation for the man who helped lead and give respect back to USA Basketball!

Note: This is a pre-sale, Vittiz will be shipped out before the season begins.

You can purchase the “Vittiz” and get more details at the new TLN Store!

  • Jim Murdoc


    • Enrique Alvarez

      I can’t find any of these online. this is the only site that has them. does any one have an extra one i can buy off of them? i have a similar pinky injury and this vittiz is the only thing i can find that would help me out during a basketball game.

  • DBricks

    Remember how the AI sleeves flew off the shelf!, this is the next big thing, be like KOBE!!!



  • Kam Pashai

    Tried these out, they look great! I’ll be wearing them to every game and Lakers event this season. Show my support for the team and Kobe.

  • KuyaJL

    I can imagine I’m Kobe now when I’m playing basketball hahahaha.

    I’ll try to get one of these once I fix and setup my Paypal.

  • jonny

    this is absolutely amazing I kid you not, this is the most epic thing since 300!

  • Jim Murdoc

    [Comment ID #51255 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You don’t need Paypal to order them but whatever makes it easier for you. :)

    Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem. When PayPal asks you to log-in, in the left, you’ll see a link that lets you use your credit card or bank account to finish your order.

  • Sako

    wow…really? I might buy 1 :)

  • Adamas

    i pre ordered one. if i really fall in love with it, i’ll buy another one

  • LEO

    LOVE IT…..How can i buy one ???

    PS: i’m from BRAZIL!!

  • Jim Murdoc

    [Comment ID #51269 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We have set-up International Orders now. Go to the page for more information. :)

  • jplakers

    itll be cool if kobe wears them

  • Lakers 24 7

    haha. I cant believe they actually making this. Great Idea, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!!!!

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    lets put it on lebron and see if he can make a 15 footer

  • Mr.81

    Doesn’t Kobe wear tape?

    Nice idea though.

  • jonny

    yeah, his is a tape job. this is so that lakers fans can show their appreciation for Kobe, akin to the way friends of chemotherapy patients might all shave their heads.

  • ab4sure

    It actually can be seen as a marriage ring for all those who live and die Kobe. The 24 stands for the around the clock thinking you must give kobe. Please don’t take it off. If you do then it will somehow make kobe depressed and he won’t have a good game. Also, be sure never to wash it. That is a sign of devotion.

  • LN1

    hi-larious…..i love it

  • Jsahmad

    Wait, Kobe isn’t wearing the tape this season. So why would people wear them?

  • LakersNo1

    this is good idea to hide my marriage ring (if im married) whenever i see my gf (if i have one) or gfss (if i have some).

  • Chris Manning

    [Comment ID #51423 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Show your dedication to the dedication he showed to us.

  • JC26


  • MILO

    i think it’s stupid!!! but, whatever helps the economy im all for it!The senate needs to come up with a more sound baillout bill and pass it by 2marrow…

  • thehammer

    Pre-order is in. Any chance they will ship sooner rather than later. What about a bulk discount? How much for a gross…..

  • LakersOwnage

    You serious? LOl..i think im gonna get a napkin and write Kobe 24 on it and sell it lol…Show your appreciation to Kobe by buying his napkin LOl

  • Jof

    i bought mine last week.. when do i get them?! haha..

    can i play with the sleeve on?