Vitamin Water, which I absolutely love by the way, is hosting a debate – Kobe or LeBron. I figured it’s pretty easy who we all say. But check out the debate on their Facebook page. Additionally, here is their add for the “Black Mamba”.

  • purplegoldvein

    man i know you guys over there are all about the purple and gold like me, but i think whoever put this up had a little too much purp before this got up. this is LAST years promotion for mvp. it clearly says 07-08. i think if im not mistaken, this season is 08-09! keeping you honest.

  • kobe8

    Ask LeBron who is better. He’ll tell you.

  • Carpediem

    Ey if u see the video theres a guy wearin a sic Kobe Diem Shirt round 6 sec. Does anybody know where to find one? And purplegoldvein, its this year’s campaign, it says 07 08 MVP cuz he was the 07 08 besides, LeBron wasnt that big of a candidate last year..

  • thabloody5th

    Right at this moment its lebron. But i think next season, after kobe gets proper rest, kobe will be back on top

  • Day

    #1 It is saying that Kobe was the 07’08 MVP . I think you misunderstood it.

  • ja

    [Comment ID #69039 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think you misread…it is listing his credentials in this season’s “GREAT DEBATE.”

  • pr0mega

    Official moron list has been updated.

    Already features:

    RJ, earl, Steve Avery

    New arrivals:

    -purplegoldvein- has been added to the moron list for his inability to understand a very easy to comprehend LakersNation post about Kobe’s MVP season.

    Official Moron List:

    Steve Avery

    Thank you, have a nice day Laker Nation!

  • blacka

    Nobody that like or knows basketball shouldn’t say lebron is better kobe showed lebron how to play D in bejing why do you think he’s even being cosidered as a top mvp candidate. Plus kobe has passed all players that he has been compared to remember that kobe tmac debate? Just some more to add to the list

  • BrianDank


  • blacka

    i think sombody is confused lebron got the mvp this year but kobe is the better player, he dosent need to do eveything for his team to win and he wants his players to contribute and they are, theyre getting better and its because of kobe and not to mention he can take over when he wants so it sounds like kobe is better. mike rencarnated

  • fah3210

    Well , for the 08-09 season lebron “Played” better, so he gets his MVP award , BUT as an all around player kobe is way better than lebron james , I know that, lebron knows that , kobe knows that and everyone in the world knows that , only cavs fans and kobe haters say lebron is better because he is a “DISTANT” #2 in that list.

  • freddyDiem

    where can i get my hands on that Kobe Diem Tee???

  • RJeezy

    Yo, Pr0mega, who is that RJ in your idiot list?
    I know you ain’t talking about me…

  • Kobe Diem Tee’s

    You can find everything Kobe Diem at It’s the only place I see to get them.

  • Kobe Diem Tee’s

    [Comment ID #69219 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can find everything Kobe Diem at It’s the only place I see to get them.

  • Kobe Diem Tee’s

    [Comment ID #69051 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can find everything Kobe Diem at It’s the only place I see to get them.

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