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With Christmas a mere 3 days away, & the month of December evaporating before our very eyes, it is high time the Lakers deliver some glad tidings and cheer. As I write this, the Lakers find themselves tied with the Mavericks for the 11th seed in the wild, wild West. That means, if my calculations are correct, they have 10 teams currently ahead of them.

Now that may seem like quite a steep hill to climb, mountain to move, or ocean to cross, or any other cliche you would like to use. But we must not dwell on past performances, which led the team to this predicament, but rather look to the future. The rear view mirror serves no purpose other than to give us all painful reflections of a not so memorable season to date. But as I peer out the windshield that gives the view of what lies ahead in the distance, I see a glimmer of sunlight.

I for one, believe the Lakers can’t (or won’t) start feeling real good about themselves individually or as a team all at once. But they can start feeling good step by step, or in this case game by game, then week by week, then month by  month. The Lakers can’t keep their foot off the gas any longer, they must close the month of December on a high note. It is critical they win 3, if not all 4 of their remaining games before the New Year. Can they? Will they? I say emphatically, YES THEY WILL. Allow me to explain to you why.

First up is the Golden State Warriors. A feisty young team, playing great, and getting the Lakers on their home court Saturday. I like what I see from this team. They are they young guns of the West, loaded with talent, good shooters, and a hunger to be a contender. On November 9th, the Lakers beat them by 24. That was the Lakers saying we are much better than you. And the Lakers will say that again because they are much better than the Warriors. They may not be 24 points better again, but I have a feeling they are double digit better.

On Christmas Day, we get the Knicks. We all remember what the Knicks did to us in MSG on December 13th. The whole team had an out of body experience, especially from the 3 point line. Carmelo was on his way to scoring 50, before getting hurt, & the Lakers made a late run to lose by 9. If you think for one minute the Lakers have forgotten about that game, & the crowd won’t be electric with the return of Steve Nash, you don’t know the Lakers. They will win this game.

The following day we go to Denver. This is the trip up game. This is where things could get tricky. Spend Christmas with family & friends, beat the Knicks, then get on a plane & get the emotion up for the Nuggets less than 24 hrs later. Not an easy task, against a decent team, and a better one when they play on their home court. Just so happens that on November 30th, the Lakers beat them by 19 in L.A. This is a key game, and will be a very tough game. Bottom line is, you want to climb the ladder to a higher seed? You have to find a way to win this game. The Lakers will find a way.

December 28th, we get the Blazers at Staples to end the month. Another payback game for the purple and gold. Blazers got us in their place by 10 points on Halloween. The witches and goblins were out, and the Lakers dumped the game. The Blazers are not a real good team this year. They aren’t even that great of a home team like they have been in the past, although you couldn’t have convinced me that fateful night they beat the Lakers. Lakers win this game, and thus win the last 4 on the December schedule, and go into January riding a 7 game winning streak.

You may think these are the ramblings of a Laker loving lunatic, and I can assure you they are. But it’s Christmas time, and if you can’t hold to the  promise for a hope and a future during the holiday season, then when can you?