A very interesting look on behind the scenes of Ron Artest signing with our Los Angeles Lakers…

  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E

    Welcome to the team Ron Ron !!!-Lamar pleeez don’t trip and go to another team this is a Dynasty in the making-this has the potential of being the greatest laker team ever(or at least one of the best can’t forget the Magic,Kareem,Big Game James,Cooper team) GO LAKERS team of the decade!!!!!

  • PurpsNGold

    Oh Yea.. Its Official.

    Love what Artest said about the Lakers organization. He wants to be part of the legend that this team has. I can’t blame him for wanting to be part of a winning tradition either. Great video. Made my day.

    Also this org gotta sign LO, so we can be contenders. The east is stacked. Continue the legend. Do it Mitch!

    Btw. Love Artest’s LA fitted! Got that LA love already!

  • lakerschamps-09

    yall know da video aint workin.. its not even there

  • egeeezy

    yea yea… u can’t stop paul pierce or carmelo anthony…. nt ron

  • there07

    welcome to LA ron…..let’s repeeeeeeaaaattttttt!!!

  • kb24bestever

    Great this is gone make us a much better all around.
    hopefully sasha plays better which i believe he is going to have a great year so is farmar and i believe at the end shannon brown will take over that starting pg position. G0 LAKERS

    we will resign lamar odom.

  • JC

    Anyone got a link to the video?

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    i wish i was there!

  • JC
  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    good luck stopping vc ron.

  • skew

    lol vc is a loser. ron will own him.

  • Sako

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    seriously, grow a fukin brain or get of here

  • Robert

    Welcome Ron Artest! We’ve been hoping for this for years, and now it’s true. We now have 2 ‘serious’ players on the Lakers (the doberman gang).

    Also, glad you mentioned LO being on the team – you sound like it’s a done deal. I hope Buss comes to terms with what it takes to get LO back, and then it’s “Dynasty Time”. Double-double back (= repeat 4 times – don’t know what else to call it).

  • Laker Power

    Why don’t you just cal it 4Peat!! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=765475173 Ryan Eusebio

    This video seriously made my day, loved it. Thanks TLN

  • Ron-Ron

    I hope Ron-Ron puts Kobe in check.

  • fido

    VERY exciting!! Cannot wait until next season.

    Kobe in check?! LOL – please…

  • sketch

    HELL YEAH RON RON! He said all the right things! He mentioned, the tradition, the team, the organization, the players, the coach, and also the city… man, this is exactly what Ariza should have been thinking about!

    Man, Trevor took it personal when the Lakers didn’t offer more… stupid and hypocritical move. The Lakers didn’t take it personal when Trevor was listening to offers from other teams; they didn’t think that Trevor wasn’t being “DISLOYAL”! When he and his agent blurted out that Trevor was not going to give the Lakers a home town discount, the Lakers never thought that Trevor was being a money grubbing whore! Yet, when the Lakers didn’t want to OVERPAY, Trevor and David Lee took offense, stating that they didn’t feel appreciative!

    Well, I hope that he’ll “feel” appreciative when he’s below 500 and not making the playoffs next year! I loved what Ariza brought to our team and what he was able to do to help bring the championship back to Los Angeles. I wish him the best of luck in his career and in his life. May he make all the right choices and decisions for him and his family, because we all know that he blew this decision! And the 1st thing to do in order to correct it is by FIRING DAVID LEE AS HIS AGENT!

  • lakersforlife77

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    You are hilarious.

  • sheed-power

    Sheed will bring the title back Boston!!! Lets go Celtics, lets go!!!

  • cjm

    boston is where old players go to die. it’s a boneyard there. garnett is going to be doing those Scooter ads pretty soon.

  • nick

    Sheed will bring title back to Boston. That is really funny! If we get ODOM back this team could easily beat Boston. I’m not just saying this because I am a laker fan. This will be a fact. FISH,KOBE,ARTEST,ODOM,GASOL,BYNUM. This team is stacked. And you think old Sheed Wallace is going to save boston. Don’t forget his middle name (Mr Technical Foul) Sorry, Boston was good for 1 year and that year is history!

  • skew

    kobe will shut down ray ray.
    artest will shut down pierce.
    gasol will shut down garnett.
    bynum will shut down sheed.

    its all up the rondo. lol and we all know how what goes…

  • sketch

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    Yeah, enjoy that eastern conference title there C0ckston!

  • http://am570rado.com phil buss

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    I will get my 11th ring for my penis while Rasheed wallace and the rest of the celdicks watch! (ZEN MASTER RULES)

  • sketch

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    The NBA CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE will be here again next year, and the year after that and the year after that! 4-PEAT!

  • toolake2handle

    been waiting all day for this dam video to work!!!

  • lakerferlife7

    i love how celtics fans r putting thier hope in a washed up 35yearold has been…he gnna need to find out who built paula pierces magic wheelchair..hes gonna need it.ha

  • showtimelakes

    Did you guys hear Ron mentioned Lamar Odom. Does he know something we don’t?

  • imfasterthanur

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    They’re really good friends. Hopefully he’s been talking to him and doing some behind the scenes work to get him back.

  • Great-LakeShow

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    Man please! I’m not saying Boston is garbage but they will not have enough in the tank IF they do make it to the finals. I mean I just seen dem on an AARP ad this morning when I was watching The Price Is Right. III Meeeaann part of Rasheed’s deal was a 2yr supply of Depends do u get what I’m sayin?! I hope they make It out the East so LA can stomp a mud hole in there asses!

  • Great-LakeShow

    Welcome to LA Ronny Artest baaaby!! Let’s go to work..

  • Great-LakeShow

    OH yea one more thing..Did you guys hear about LeBron getting dunked with two hands by some cat at his youth camp, and shortly after he had his Nike constituents retrieve any video’s that caught It on tape so It wouldn’t get leaked out on the web.