Many hours later and I’m still speechless. The Machine feeds off the soul of other poor NBA players. Francisco Garcia and Cedric Simmons will never be the same again.

  • Mr. Laker

    Slovenian Pride AHAH

  • Machinehead

    That was the craziest dunk ever, only because no one saw it coming. I loved it!

  • Sako
  • Carlos

    WOW!! The machine is back!! That was a nice dunk,but more important is what it will do for Sasha coming playoff time: CONFIDENCE!! …finally our bench look alive,just what we need…Bynum coming back,the bench mob reloaded add Pau and Kobe and we should be excited about what’s coming up…GO LAKERS!!

  • kobe8

    my jaw dropped when i saw that.

  • Basem

    Now that is what I call “When Amazing Happens”

  • basketbolista!

    wow! that was my first time to see sasha dunked and not just a dunk but a FACIAL! haha

  • gugy

    Good for him.
    Hopefully that will wake his inside “machine” up for the playoffs. Go Sasha!

  • http://Netzero CCFAN

    Sasha thought he was playing the Celtics. He is peeking just in time for the post season.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I don’t even think God saw that coming…

  • jack

    always knew. sasha’s my boy.


    watta fag

  • Greg

    Sasha is a freakin MONSTER!!!…lol

  • sketch

    i could not believe what i saw…i had to rewind that $hit on my DVR right back to make sure that it was Sasha! WTF! i was just bad ass! the only thing that would’ve made it harder was if he just straight stared at the homeboy that fell to the ground after the dunk! good for you Sasha! i was expecting Kobe to jump up and yell…”HEY YOU GUYS!” to Sasha like he did for Mbenga! HAHAHA!

  • killo15

    haha damn that was freakin crazy. its funny cause i was watching that one sasha “where will amazing happen?” rendition then this happened. wooooow haha.

  • xxPeacexx

    How ironic that two of the best dunks of the year for the Lakers were against the Kings. The first, at Staples Center when Kobe drove past three defenders fouled the home to finish with a dunk to seal the game. And now The Machine with the monster facial on the Queens. How awesome.

  • Dracul

    That was straight up ri-ri-ri-ridiiiicuullouuuuusss!!

    The only thing I can compare it to would be if Yao Ming dunked from the free throw line.


  • Lakeshow4life

    where all the sasha haters now? thats right stfu


    [Comment ID #67408 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, it was a SICK play for Sasha and hopefully it does bring up his confidence…I really hope it does, but it doesn’t change anything. He needs to bring up his game asap. Remember, this was against the team with the worst record in the league, and they were up by 20….just because Sasha threw it down doesn’t mean that he has redeemed himself. Again, it was a sick play, but does this mean Sasha is back? We will just have to wait and see