Video: Ron Artest’s latest music video, Afghan Women

In our struggling effort of trying to cover Ron Artest, we bring you his latest music video and song. Lyrics sounds like it’s coming from a good place. Basically reflects the struggles of woman in Afghanistan — and it showcases some rather graphic images.

Warning: Video may contain uncomfortable and graphic images.

Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for
  • Ryguy


  • LAKing85

    After watching this video, made me view Ron Artest a whole different way. The message he brought out was so positive and it’s a topic that really doesn’t get enough attention. I had great respect for Ron Artest as an athlete, but now I have respect for him as a person. Beautiful lyrics by Ron Artest.

  • The Cookie Monster

    Ron Artest isn’t a one dimensional person only looking out for himself and his glory. I hope people see the good side of him.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • trulakers

    2 thumbs up ron! no place in this world to beat up any woman. shout out to all the cris browns in the world!