In our struggling effort of trying to cover Ron Artest, we bring you his latest music video and song. Lyrics sounds like it’s coming from a good place. Basically reflects the struggles of woman in Afghanistan — and it showcases some rather graphic images.

Warning: Video may contain uncomfortable and graphic images.

  • Ryguy


  • LAKing85

    After watching this video, made me view Ron Artest a whole different way. The message he brought out was so positive and it’s a topic that really doesn’t get enough attention. I had great respect for Ron Artest as an athlete, but now I have respect for him as a person. Beautiful lyrics by Ron Artest.

  • The Cookie Monster

    Ron Artest isn’t a one dimensional person only looking out for himself and his glory. I hope people see the good side of him.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • trulakers

    2 thumbs up ron! no place in this world to beat up any woman. shout out to all the cris browns in the world!