No more Ariza vs. Artest talk. We don’t want none of that anymore. Artest is OUR guy. He did everything for us tonight — when it mattered the most.

This video makes me very happy. I want to share this with you just incase you missed it. I did.

Character Driven. Say Queensbridge!

  • dub824

    Haha I’m happy for Ron. He deserves his ring

  • Marwan Marzina

    Ron Ron truly deserved this ring more than anyone. So happy for him.
    He fulfilled the promise he made to Kobe after the 2008 Finals in the showers “Yo Kob, I ain’t gonna let it happen to you again man, I’m gonna help you”. He is a man of his word!

  • alex miller

    All I could say is that the Ron Artest vs Trevor Ariza controversy is over.Ron Artest has proved to us that he’s our boy and that he’s right for L.A with his amazing defensive skills and his ability to contribute offensively.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    This guy really puts a smile to my face.

  • MrL

    my boy artest.

  • Matt from Dallas

    haha ron is fuckin crazyy

    i love it

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    who thinks ron is cute… no homo

    • lakers35

      that’s very homo

  • Djzzero2009

    Man I love ron artest. He puts a smile to any fan, he can make people laugh and put a good show. Thanks ron for coming to the Lakers. It was destiny! xD

  • foreverrstoked

    trevor who?

    • KOBE THA MVP 10′

      the player that is on the Houston Rockets silly

  • justdogm1


  • LakerNationCitizen

    That was hilariousssss!!!! (watched it last night)… “Kobe passed me the ball. And I can hear the Zen Master whisper – he doesn’t need a microphone coz he’s the Zen Master “Ron don’t shoot” and I said whatever…ahhhh” LOL

    HILARIOUSSS!! Artest showed up and showed us that he belongs in LA. He worked hard last night, including all the dirty work. Good job Ron!

  • echeverria.d78

    Artest I didn’t give you much credit during the playoff run. But gm7 you show me otherwise. I happy you won your ring. From this point with the lakers you can be counted on to win. ty and enjoy your victory! GO LAKERS!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Best post game ever! I love Ron Ron even more. He is who he is. I love this team! We did it Lakers Nation!

  • lakerman1

    I knew guys like Ron in the 50’s through 70’s on the tough south side streets of Chicago. Crazy & tough but with hearts of gold. Ron Artest won this champioship and in my book Kobe should have given that MVP Trophy to him. I know the trophy is for the playoff series but without Ron the Lakers simply do not win the that last game. He took the ball out of Big Baby’s hands twice nothing but pure energetic strengh. And boy would i have loved to be at his party last night. I’ll bet he has a hellava hangover today. You earned this moment Ron and true Laker fans will forever remember you for it. The guy almost chokes you up with his heart.

  • 242LakerFan

    I watched this twice last night and I STILL LMAO seeing it again this morning! That is pure, unadulterated joy you’re looking at right there! Amazingly funny stuff from a guy who never thought he’d have this chance. This whole season proves that nobody is exactly what you see and anybody can change. This guy is inspirational and I am thrilled that he got his Chip!

  • gugy

    Ron is a character.
    Happy for him, he got so much sh*t from the media and fans. He is indeed one of the huge reason we won this year.

  • Varick Hudson

    Like every Laker Fan alive today I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer joy and jubilation at the Lakers defeating this Boston Celtics team. And Ron Artist had 1 of the largest if not the largest hand in the Lakers completing that task last night. So Ron you can now wig out all you like, you are now among the Greats. I love your heart, and even your craziness, because when it comes to winning you put all of it on the line. Thanks Ron Ron, Thank you so very, very much Kobe The Greatest BB player that exist today, and to you D Fish. Thanks Lamar, and Thank you also Very much Big Drew, Coach Phil J and all of the Lakers for hanging in there and giving us everything each and every one of you had. You are all truly deserving of this wonderful, fantastic Great win.

  • Cali Kush King

    That fool is a straight fukin gee…. we love u ron thank you so much for everything …..bangin that west coast fo life but still gotta say QUEENSBRIDGE !!!! for ya homie

  • lakers0828

    Ron Artest Was So Drunk and So Hilarious Lol Made such a Fool out of Himself lol but Funny Good Job Ron Artest !!

  • Robert

    Ron-Ron rules. I had faith in him all year long. And he came through in the BIGGEST game of his life. He belongs in LA, too. Back when he was drafted, Phil actually wanted to sign him, but Buss’s pockets weren’t deep and they would have gone over the cap.
    So, Ron-Ron finally made it to the Lakers, and you know, it can only get better! He will learn the Triangle (year 2), if Phil stays (or if Shaw becomes head coach).
    But, we are forever grateful to Ron-Ron for helping the Lakers to redemption over the Celtics! Ariza would have never been able to play (defense) at that level.
    Ron-Ron, you were baptized by fire in the brutal 2010 Finals, and you are a TRUE WARRIOR. Live long, and enjoy the run! At least 2 more rings, and maybe more!!!

  • Showtime4eva

    This is classic yeah he’s our guy ! Ron Ron is a winner!!

  • Mr.Laker

    Say Queensbridge lol, everybody better say it now, he a champ!

  • Rio Rondo

    he also a drunk

  • gameplan

    this man has totally change! from being a brawler to an icon..3peat on the way!

  • NBAmazingKB24

    This guy is soo honest and so funny!
    We love you here in LA RON~!
    Now lets go get that 2nd ring for you