Late in the 3rd quarter with the Lakers up by eight, Ron Artest wrestled the ball away from Chris Paul in the backcourt, and scored over Jason Smith.

He would then do his now signature “Bicep flex”. However, no kiss was involved this time:

  • E_mflores417

    Ron Ron is the MAN!

  • Lakers 24 7

    LOL @ the way Jason Smith gets knocked down. Ron is a beast, son.

  • kileer7

    L.A. loves you Ron Ron!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT!! gotta love the commentator too, “That’s right, if you got em, show em!” SHOW IT OFF RON!

  • NoDefense

    Ron’s play and the one with barnes muscling benelli to the floor were great,ron’s was just fun to watch………

  • Anonymous

    Flex the Guns Big fella

  • TouchingMyself

    Honestly, that’s what I look forward to most in EVERY Lakers’ game! I wanna see Ron Ron pull off an incredible defensive feat or muscle in a strong offensive move to flex! If I remember correctly, he first attempt at this antic was when he blocked George Hill in March when the Lakers routed The Spurs. And ever since that game, I’ve been looking for the Tru Warrior to display his “You know who the fcuk I am? I’m Ron Artest Fother Mucker!” pose!

    GO RON RON!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!