Video: Ron Artest – Hollywood’s Newest Rapper

The Lakers Nation own and Voice of the Nation host David Brickley caught up with Ron Artest, and talked with him about his 2nd love. Music!

David Brickley is a columnist for and the host of Voice of the Nation, the most listened to Lakers podcast on the web. Find him on Twitter.
  • Short Dog

    I hope he raps some Laker jams so I can bump in my ride. So I can make all these haters turn around and vomit.
    Laker nation All The Way.
    2010 Champs
    F Bitchon!


    There’s definitely no shortage of news from our Lakes this year fellas! Whether it’s LO and his shotgun wedding, or Kobe’s MVP run, or Artest’s rap songs, or just Artest showing up at my front door for dinner… it’s gonna be a fun and interesting ride this year!

    I’m loving it!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!