The new man standing on L.A.’s sidelines joins ESPN’s NBA crew tonight during halftime of the Dallas/Oklahoma City game. Mike Brown talks about what he plans on bringing to the table.

According to multiple polls, a majority of Laker Nation doesn’t appear to be fond of this move. Thoughts and reactions to our first look at Mike Brown circa Lakers coach?

  • laffsatu

    no-one consulted the mamba…..maybe they talked to bynum…new team leader

  • NativeWharf

    Why should they talk to the players? Clearly comfort didn’t work last year, so it’s time to shake it up.

  • Manderoth

    Ok guys, now he’s our man and so we need give him some love from Laker Nation!

  • bdmf

    man I didnt like this guy at all but f*ck it I support whatever the lakers do.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    did he just say that they exchanged “texas”?