You learn something new everyday…

  • OaklandLakers

    That’s great; He shoulda been all “Kobe & Fish know about this”

    • WifelovesLuke

      And then Worthy says “Yes and Kobe and Fish had cup holders added to their second trophy”.

      1-2-3 Ring!

  • lilkobe24

    rofl ! thatss freaking crazy !

  • Chris Manning

    LMAO. That is hilarious!

  • 242LakerFan

    That was insane. I saw that last night and I almost inhaled a cheese doodle and suffocated myself!!!
    “That’s a heated tray.”
    I’m laughing again now, I can hardly type properly! Crazy!

  • Short Dog

    All they need now is a 30 pack. Stop at the store Magic.

  • ronin99

    LMAO….in tears!!! Who knew??? ;)

  • Grammar Patrol

    I love it!

  • Robert

    This ad was a riot! I got tired of the Celtics ad with Jeff Van Gundy and the 3 loser amigos. This one has our beloved LO and his Championship trophy, ready for celebration. Let’s celebrate all year long as we get to yet another championship.