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Since Mike D’Antoni joined the Lakers last season, legend Magic Johnson has made his feelings known regarding the head coach, while blasting the front office and Jim Buss every chance he gets.

It was no different recently as Johnson went on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno and ripped the Lakers coach.  Here is one of the most telling quotes of the interview:

“We’re the Lakers, we got to have a championship coach,” Johnson said.  “We made a critical mistake in not bringing Phil Jackson back.”

The video is below:

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  • Filip Gebaczka

    Everything is going Bad for us since Phil J. is gone!

  • Paytc

    It’s obvious that PJ is a more successful coach than MDA. But if PJ has health issues preventing him from coaching let him rest. The Lakers won championships before PJ and will win after him. Enough with living in the glory days. It’s 2014 and we have to find a way to get healthy and end the season on a high note. I was never a fan of turning the Lakers into the Suns, but they tried anyway, and it failed.

    Perhaps next year the FO will consider everything and the Lakers will return to the top.
    Until then we still need to give a good effort in every game the rest of this season.

    The Pacers just picked up Andrew Bynum, the best big man the Lakers have had since Shaq.
    So it looks like the Pacers will become the NBA champions this year regardless to who the Lakers or Heat have coaching. We may get a chance to see Fisher and Bynum (two ex-Laker champions) battle for it all in this years championship.

    Go Lakers !

  • scartown

    majic is dead right. mda gotta go like yesterday. shooting 3’s and no defense shows what your worth when you look at your record

  • fakerstolakers

    Lakers made more mistake. Clippers signed Davis for Dirt cheap and the Pacers signed Bynum for dirt cheap. Both of these players are still worth $10 million a piece. The CBA prevented them from getting the fair market value as most teams are CAP concerned.

    What Magic said could have come out of anyone who does not know basketball!!