Video: Magic blasts Lakers

    A new video over on Yahoo (embedded below) shows Magic blasting his Lakers. Good motivation? Bad timing? Your thoughts…?

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    • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

      I cant believe this

    • k0be da 1 andonly

      well, its kinda true, if not really true haha

    • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

      How can u…dawg09, call Johnson Magic “Fc kin” Johnson? Thats totally unacceptable…he was trying to motivate the team….this is probably wut Kobe tells his team too

    • Michael24

      uhhhhh ohhhh

      someone pissed off

      magic is right


      The GREATEST laker ever is right man. He’s a great competitors and he wants to see his Lakers try like he would try. No doubt even now he would contribute more than half of our current players. Go Lakers.

    • Laaffiliation024

      we shouldnt be losing. bottom line.

    • jonny

      as much as he’s right, magic talking about defense rings a bit hollow to me


      Is Magic gettin’ paid too?Where the are the real Lakers fans?Did anybody see game 2 besides me,damn,I had watch it again on YOUTUBE,IT’S THE OFFICIATING,5 on 8,MAGIC WAKE THE &%#@ UP!

    • lakerschamps08

      lol.. magic is rite… but refs have also screwed us… i love the ending “im im mad” and hes lookin round to hit

    • SliqRiq

      [Comment ID #39075 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Agree with you DC, NBA is all about $


      Magic,did you really see the same game WE ALL AT LAKERNATION SAW?

    • lamlamboy

      what the heck is “out-physicaled ” ….is that a real word?
      the whole clip seems staged……if he were truely mad…Magic would have put some real thoughts into his words and made it appear more urgent….looks like a motivation plot….hope it works tonite….they need to get on their ass….they arent playing the Nets in the finals!!!

    • RoWyN

      I agree with Magic. I also agree that game 2 referees influenced the result of the game severely.

      But having said that, the Lakers couldn’t afford, at this stage to give away a game because of the refs. If the refs are gonna call the game against the lakers, so be it. At the end of this series, it’s their legacy on the line. Two words for the team — WANT IT!

      Try to win the game without the REFS help is all I’m saying. If you don’t get the W, then tough luck. But if you do, tell them to SUCK UR D**K!

    • Thomas

      He was 100% right on everything. The Lakers are not playing with a purpose, they are going soft to the hole, letting Ray Allen and especially Paul Pierce get wide open looks at the basket. If they can do these things they will win against Boston.

    • Kobe124


      Magic knows whats up with the Lakers and how they play. Magic is right.

      We fans know whats up with the G@y Refs killing the game since the beginning.
      Now its time for the ones who are going to the GAME to freakin pop the ear drums of the celtics with some yelling and make them nervous as FAuck on every shot. Make them think they are down 2-0.

      Lakers All the way.
      every day
      what can i say
      celtics are ga…..
      on every play

    • kb24mvp

      you tell em magic

      he should go and say this to them in tha locker room for real!


      Just as I thought, NO ONE SAW THE SAME GAME.I guess some you thought the Clippers were in the Finals,’cause that’s how The Refs saw it.

      How agressive to you want them to be? When they attack the basket they get called for,as Mark and Van Gundy said,TICK-TACK FOULS,and Magic says play harder,THEY DID!

    • Sam

      Magic’s right about the Lakers in the first two games. They did a much better job in game 3 but they need to rebound better.

    • Laaffiliation024

    • ab4sure

      Magic knows basketball…. PERIOD.

    • yash

      Amen Magic, Amen!!!

    • west213

      Yep thats all D truth… lamar u pencil neck snap out of your blazing and get back to the series.

    • kobw-wan kenobi

      magic is right
      we cant win anything with lo and pow playing so soft
      too bad…another year of blame kobe is coming soon, even though he cant do more than what he is doing
      lo + pow + turiaf + rad = bunch of soft losers
      cant win with that

    • LALA

      Phil needs to play this for one of his motivational movies. He is 100% right and maybe Odom and Gasol need to hear this coming from the mouth of a 5 time champion.

    • Smush Walton

      Magic is right. I bet Jerry West would say the same thing. Both of them played with passion not like most of our current players.