Our Champions made the rounds on late night TV after the Game 7 victory. Kobe, Derek, Ron, Shannon, Josh, Sasha, and DJ were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while Pau Gasol was chatting it up with Jay Leno. Here’s the team on Jimmy Kimmel, very funny stuff!

More from the show after the jump!

  • Klemen

    SWEET 16 ! ! !
    SWEET 16 ! ! !
    SWEET 16 ! ! !

  • Sir

    Kobe’s jacket is sick

  • http://seekingahomebusiness.com/info CEO

    Great interview, the adam morisson video was hilarious; the clips of excited Ron Ron after the game, hilarious :: you can tell they are really excited about winning this, and Beating Boston … and too, like they’re already thinking about doing it one more time, next year.

    Go Lakers!

  • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

    I’m glad Jimmy made a reference to the Paul Pierce injury and said it was faking. I hope Pierce was watching.

  • Adrianyj

    Artest just came up from bed. Look at his pant. Anyway, he is cool. LA T-shirt & Lakers colour Pants. Damm, Ron Artest, the savior of Game7!

  • lakeb

    kimmel was great. the scalabrine thing earlier in the show was hilarious. Pau was great on Leno too

  • LakersFan1

    That LA gun shirt Ron Ron is wearing is so sickk!! Absolutely LOVE it… he is such a character that.

  • Adrianyj

    I like that, the fake Paul Pierce, even them notice… The Truth should be The Fake. Fake for falling down, fake for got steal by Lakers, asking for fouls. While himself is so dirty. Look at Garnett, how many illegal push? How many times he got away? And yet, he said ref didnt call for his fouls. Celdicks!

  • asdf

    haha awwww kobe picks on sasha and DJ so much

  • RealTalk24

    Thanks for the vids………..4got to TIVO this.

    Can somebody re-up LD2k’s “Kobe CHAMPIONSHIP Series: Videos????????

  • pauer

    Wow, I really enjoyed watching this. So glad you guys post stuff like this here so I dont have to go searching around for it.

    I love that he pointed out the eyebrow grooming Sasha did, cuz I noticed during the game and had a laugh.