Lakers lose 8th straight in Portland, and Kobe wants them in Playoffs! Bring it.

  • Margo

    HE HAS THAT LOOK IN HIS EYE!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • TrueBaller

    haahah he luvs a good challenge…LAKERS 09 WE GOIN ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR

  • macky

    yeah bring it! we got home court advantage in the west!

  • lakers4life.

    he gonna get fined for that?

  • 123kid

    the lakers had them. it just slipped away with all those ticky-tack fouls and stuff. they made a lot of stops when they double teamed roy and fought through screens. but im not worried. they may be good at their home in the regular season against us, but they have never beaten us in the playoffs and kobe aint gonna let that happen.

  • jC

    the portland fans were crazy tonight. i envy their passion. if only the staples crowd would show up on time and act as if they were interested in the game. come on people. the internets are louder than our home games.

  • Kobeftw

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    I agree. Are fans at Staples center are lame compared to other courts like Utah or Portland.

  • Chris Manning

    Blazers are dead come playoff time.

    It took an incredible amount of one sided calls for them to squeak one out tonight. It’s not why they won, but it sure helped us lose.

    See you in the post-season kids.

  • Freshh

    Be careful what you wish for…

  • Heron

    many Laker fans that go to the games are there just because it’s popular.

    Seriously, Kobe? The free throws? How about your 9-24 me me me shooting..

  • Paul S.


    I’ll admit, the Lakers have sucked it up the last 8 games at your Rose Garden. What about your record in LA? You have also gone 1-8 in your last 9 visits here; your team has only won twice in LA since Dec.’01. I don’t call that exactly sparkling either. Before you get too giddy over this win remember that you haven’t beaten the Lakers in a playoff series since 1992! In the meantime you have gone 5-16(including a miserable 3-6 at home). Since 1977, you have only beaten the Lakers in ONE series out of TEN for a MISERABLE 12-32 record since 1977. Until you actually beat the Lakers in a playoff series all of your TRAILGANGSTER fans need to SHUT UP!

    PS-by the way, when was your last title(1977)-what have you done for me lately. Heck, that was so long ago that the First Star Wars movie came out back then. The Lakers OWN you in the playoffs and they always will!!

  • thecelticslakers69position

    Kobe will fucking rape these guys in the playoffs!! God, I hate that portland crowd

  • kobe8


  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    For a veteran player like KB, he made some bad decisions and killed us down the stretch. Down 3 with 1:30 and he’s jacking up 3’s over and over. A smart player would get a better shot at a 2, then play defense and get the ball back for the kill. We really can’t blame KB because we don’t know if Rambis drew up those plays or KB?

    The refs killed us as well. They were wearing Portland jerseys, so it was 5 on 8 all night. Too bad more people didn’t pick Portland to win because the outcome would have been different. I hate one sided games because they always seem to be fixed.

  • imfasterthanur

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    I was looking at that too. It looks like we won’t have Home court advantage thoughout/MVP, so we might as well rest up and take this passion to the post-season.

  • lakerfanatic

    hey a foul is a foul the refs job is to call fouls. if someone grabs a wrist its a foul just like if someone punches another player…

    don’t be too cocky laker fans. what goes around comes around

  • hellbydante

    Kobe looks pissed… u know what comes after when u piss of the mamba.. can’t wait

  • Anthony

    So Kobe curses and Ireland is all peachy with it? Shaq did it that year in Toronto and Ireland went all bananas on him! >.<*

    Hehe, kidding. Seriously though, Roy and the rest of the Blazers better bring their best or they’re not taking more than one from us. The Lakers are still on a mission and as soon as the playoffs begin I think we’ll begin to see them come out with that ferociousness we’ve seen at times.

  • jonas joseph

    Trust Me Kobe Will Be Ready for The Playoffs,,,,Its Only One Game Calm Down Fans We Still Da Most Feared in The West if Not Lueage

  • daboss1848

    I second Freshh . . .

    But wow, KB does have that crazy CO hotel room look in his eye . . .

    No not FTs, “I blew the game with critically bad decisions, and our stand-in coach was absolutely horrendous down the stretch”

  • lainok

    looks like the mamba has some venom in him now. i hope to god we meet up with them in the second round. kobe is going to steal their lunch money, then use it to take girlfriends and wives on a date, all the while having sasha film it and upload it to you tube where brandon roy and the other blazers can see their women bumpin and grindin on kobe with their money. that whole scenario transleted to basketball will be how he plays them. then he’ll have sex with their moms.

  • Shannon Brown>Jordan Farmar

    Why take the hot hand out?

    If we kept Shannon in that 3 Fish missed wouldn’t have occurred and the game would of been molded differently.

    Anyways lets be cautious on who we want, of course we can beat Portland but don’t play to their level.

  • URFAKEearl

    didnt even hear him say fuck

  • Ethdude

    Lakers should make it a goal as a team to score 100 points in the paint in the next two games.

  • showtimelakes

    Only problem with that is that we have too many “cool celebrities” that only want to be seen there and not really cheering with pisses me off. Bus should have one side of the Staples center like behind the benched sectioned off for rowdy fans. Because we do have them but tix are just too expensive for us down there specially come playoff time …

  • showtimelakes

    Jerry Buss section off an area for the playoffs for some rowdy fans not your Hollywood celebrities(exception Jack)! We need some life at staples but the ambiance vibe exuded by the celebs is too nonchalant! We all now the real fans are a little higher up in the stands …….Please Jerry consider this at least for the playoffs.

  • Joey

    I can’t wait to see Portland in the Second round. Just wait until Bynum get’s his conditioning back…

  • i hate turnovers

    [Comment ID #67606 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I noticed. In fact, they were so loud and obnoxious that it was making me angry. But I admire their passion, I guess.

  • Jason4rmLA

    I haven’t seen Kobe look this way in a LOOOONG TIME!! He looked serious!! haha

  • Michael_23

    Yeah I want Portland too just to get that monkey off our back.

    I wish we can meet Boston in the finals again too just to get that monkey off our back, but Celts seem very vulnerable to lose in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    Anyway Championship, here we come!

  • iamthetie

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    I kind of expect Portland fans to be rowdy like that. If you’ve ever heard their play by play and color commentators they are by far the most biased in the entire league (listen to them, Portland NEVER commits fouls in their eyes). They’ve been bashing the Lakers as the “evil empire” who are buying their way to a championship all week. Combine that with a close game and of course they’re gonna get loud.

    Stop complaining about our fans guys. You know why people aren’t that loud at Staples? We blow away half the teams we play so the crowd can’t get as excited. You know why other crowds are so loud? Because we’re the best team in the league, have name recognition, and we’re on the road and their team is making shots and keeping it close. I dunno if you’ve been to a “playoff atmosphere” game at Staples (Christmas matchup), but it’s rocking at Staples.

    It also helped that Greg Oden was getting away with traveling all night. Hell, if I was 7 ft and weighed 300+ pounds and could walk with the ball, I BETTER make my shots.

  • mvpsug

    i refuse to doubt kobe bryant.

  • Mitch4Pres

    kobe is going to f uck those b itches up in the playoffs

  • Laker Power

    Yea I was sorta the same way with our fans not be that loud and passionate.. but I take that back. I have watch many other games on TV and trust me some are really weak!

    Plus being at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals and coming back from the 20 pt deficit to win and Game 5 Championship game (last game at home) Staples gets LOUD! We do get loud and its not a bunch of rich people that dont care. It definitely gets loud.

  • soysauce24

    This was another fixed game by the refs. i think STERN is too damn old and blind to see that the refs are cheatin or He just doesn’t like the Lakers. There have been so many games that kobe had been rigged by the refs but i found a video to show you guys

  • sketch

    kobe, just STFU and get your team to finally beat the blazers at their crib huh? all this talk of “we want them” don’t mean $hit! of course if we see them in the 2nd round, we’ll still have home court adv. guess we still don’t need to beat them at their crib.

    but all your macho banter don’t mean $hit man! you did play your a$$ off and we all loved it and it was friggin turn over walton that really killed us. that and the refs were also wearing the blazers’ jerseys underneath their stripes.

    i just don’t want to hear how badly you want this or that…just go out there and show these chumps who you guys are and who they are will ya? mow through them in the playoffs and redeem yourselves!


  • lainok

    [Comment ID #67733 Will Be Quoted Here]

    for the most part that is exactly what kobe does. he had a legitimate reason to be angry after that game. if any one needs to shut their mouth it’s you.