Lakers Examiner: The marriage between the NBA and hip-hop has been a long and arduous one. The NBA wants to appeal to youngsters by embracing the positive aspects of the culture such as music, clothing, and art, but it also wants to distance itself from the negative aspects such as profanity, violence, and drugs.

There was much debate over the off-court dress code that David Stern imposed in 2005. Stern said it was a step toward making the league more professional. Players said they had a right to express themselves through the way they dressed.

The result was a wonderful combination of both, as players can now be seen on the sidelines wearing suits that certainly have their own unique, shall we say… flair?

Well it looks like the NBA and hip-hop have found another successful merger, as seen in the new NBA Playoffs ad to the music of Kanye West. The spot features several highlights of postseasons past, including appearances by the Los Angeles Lakers’ own Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

Stern and the NBA are hoping that the always-polarizing Kanye will help reach a wide audience. I’m sure there was a clause in Kanye’s contract that made sure there were no fish sticks in the commercial.

  • MagicLaker

    Kanye West is a douche bag and a complete waste of human skin! It’s sad that the NBA wants to appeal to youngsters by working with that no-talent ass-clown.

    Go Lakers!!

  • k1on

    its ok Kanye, we know ur not a g@yfish


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    Seriously. If they’re going into the hip-hop biz, then they should get into REAL artists like Common, not this mainstream garbage. Atleast Kobe will get more publicity!

  • sketch

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    Agreed! No need to add a single word to what you’ve said…it’s spot on!

  • titus


  • Vibe

    Kanye is actually a big fan of kobe so i have no problem with it.

  • rhymenoceros

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    No offense, but calm down a bit. Kanye’s not as no-talent as you think. And Common has worked with Kanye plenty of times. Despite Kanye being a bit of a d-bag.

    Not a fan of the song, but enjoyed the video.
    The title of the post is a bit misleading, too. Because it makes it seem like Kobe’s actively in it, it’s just clips of him. Might as well see, entire NBA to appear in Kanye video.

  • ooopatrick

    damnnn why people hating on kanye, i like the video though i don’t really understand what its a preview for.

    seeing all that locker room celebration makes me want it more

  • Freshh

    Very good

  • WifelovesLuke

    I actually got chills watching that video and was really getting pumped up. Then Paul Pierce opened his mouth at the end and I just got really angry. I want an LA vs. Boston rematch so badly. He and the rest of the leprachauns act the fool last year. Gatorade on Doc. before the game isn’t even over? No class! Looks like Karma finally caught up with punk Garnett. How’s the knee, big fella? Please make it to the finals so we can sweep your a$$es off the floor. Wow, I sound bitter.



  • Thaison Tran