Brand spankin’ new viral video ad from Nike! This teaches us all a very important lesson — get the new Zoom Kobe IV, otherwise, you’ll get BROKE ANKLES! Get ankle insurance, if not for yourself, than for your loved ones… it might be the best decision you ever make.

  • razz

    First!! Why is he on a horse??? LOL!!

  • xxv112002

    LOL some funny shiet! Kobe on the fake horse, black guy got crossed over by a white guy, the boy in bubble. Haha classic shiet!

  • sK

    Nike’s marketing is legit. I believe Kobe is a better marketing model for Nike shoes thatn Lebron. Consumers, especially Basketball enthusiast really are big on sytle of the player and that reflects on their sense of style on shoes. Hence Shaq trying to market a shoe was like pulling teeth. Style, gracefullness and overall template is most important and I just cant see people wanting to mimick the sytles of Lebron, KG, Pierce, etc. etc. but Kobe and Jordan are in a different league and kids want to be like them and shoot like them etc… as opposed to wanting to look like Lebron or Shawn Marion shooting a jumper.

  • Lakers 24 7

    lol I heard these shoes ain’t even out yet and they already sold out.

    Nike should do a commercial with Kobe, where it can be TELEVISED!
    I’ve only seen Kobe promoting his shoes on his website or on youtube.

    …and wtf are people saying that these shoes are ugly? Yea they may be low top..but they still look pretty dope.

  • MeloMamba

    that was great, ankle insurance, so easy….

  • imfasterthanur


  • Mamba2410

    O-RIG-IN-AL! Classic stuff Kobe, classic stuff! I LMAO’d almost off my seat!