An MRI probably wasn’t necessary afterall.

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Kobe’s second dunk of the night after the jump…

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  • newdawnnewday

    it says ‘this video is private’ what’s up with that?


    Private Video =Lame

  • Daboss1848

    that was kb of old, not old kb. . . . WOW!

    • LakerMarc

      I agree and he’s done it several times throughout the season. My boy may be getting a little older (we all are) but, Kobe Bryant IS NOT OLD. God Bless that was amazing and very encouraging to see our boy doing that I’m hearing Stu in my ear saying….NOICE!!!!!

  • xtro

    kobe is an alien.

  • Scarface

    Who was the person the Lakers bench that didn’t stand up?

    • TouchingMyself

      That would be Lamar Odom! Just watch it again, and when they show the bench in the close up, that’s when you see LO start to get up. He must have been low in his sugar count at that time!

  • Jack Yang

    That’s just unbelievable. Kobe reversing aging!

  • Mtownballa_4

    You know what … I would be surprised if it was anyone other than Kobe, however, he has been doing the unexpected throughout his career … so this stuff doesn’t catch me off guard anymore. Well … to be honest the left handed dunk from the rafters blew me away ;)

  • PR Dude

    The man!

  • Aguirre434 LA

    uhhhh nasty … lol

  • laffsatu

    the kobe sure loves the camera

  • Ausamarvin

    nice dunk..kobe..

  • laffsatu

    so what PRETEND injury will she have tonight?

  • alan

    look where he took off from?????? thats almost from free throw line…dammmm and wit two legs in a game!! michael who?

  • bmm0321

    Greatness transcends everything: time, injury and opponents — even aging great athletes can find that spark in them when needed. MJ had IT, Kobe has it. And we can only marvel when we see it.