The NBA really went all out on this one…

  • ryanfu09

    This is pretty sick!… Nice commercial!

  • URFAKEearl

    Omg that was beautifull, LDK2 Try adding this type of thing to your new videos :)

  • kobe4ever

    wow…i used to say these commercials were whack but i just watched that 10 times in a row.

  • LakersFirst

    Greatest 1, 2 punch since Magic and Kareem.

  • 123kid

    mad crazy video skills!


    The best video the NBA has ever made hands down. And one of my favorite Laker moments just because of Shaq’s face.

  • lamar odom

    this is one of my favorite laker playoff moments,,,

  • Mamba1024

    Was it laggy for anyone else or was it just my computer?

    Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite Laker playoff moments, one of the best one-two punches, EVER, in sports!


    Shaq is missed. How would this series look if we had shaq and pau instead of bynum?

  • Jay D

    a hollywood highlight for the ages…

  • KB24ForLife

    damn this looks so sick

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #70456 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s set on high-definition, maybe you should click to watch it in normal quality.

    With that aside, WOW! That was the most amazing 31 second clip I have ever seen!

  • kevin 0.

    dude i believe that i will never stop missin shaq
    i love gasol bynum odom and all the lakers but shaq is amazin

  • tmac

    that was awesome!!!

  • gugy

    Shaq is missed,
    I just wished he did not open his mouth to say so much crap and throw under the bus his past teams, coaches, organizations and playmates.

  • lakers#1

    why shaq? he is not with us anymore.

  • cornellious

    garbage ass commercial yall sucC