Today’s “Wow, I can’t believe I just heard that, let me go back and watch it again just to make sure” award unanimously goes to Lamar Odom. Seems like Candyman’s diligently done his basketball research this off-season, and he’s found the key to success… becoming a Pony. Ponies, candies, and Kardashian’s, gotta love LO.

  • KB24ForLife

    dont like alot of them travel after getting the ball to make the lay upp?

    • ron trite

      Ya, it was more like everyone….maybe the drill says not to dribble

  • Megan Fox JJC

    I like the energy LO!

  • kob24

    lolololol Be a pony.

  • RonforMayor

    AB looked good running.

  • kisofdeath

    i think he got this idea from his close friend and featured artist on rich soil ent. Ali Vegas who considers himself the P.O.N.Y (prince of new york)

    hahah who knows

    and he seems to have ron on the team haha. he screams “run-run” every time down the court, more than he says pony haha

  • kisofdeath

    *seems to love having ron on the team

  • Robert

    Ron-Ron & LO = King & the Duck …. watch out for some great street ball by the Lakers this year. NBA will be shocked and awed.

  • The Cookie Monster

    Please please please please PLEASE post more training camp vids! This was amazing!

  • BleedsPurpsNGold

    Why is the video Censored? Lol.. LO is halarious, mad sh!t talker for real..

    4 the record, that is a fast break drill, no dribbling needed — pass speed is faster than foot speed.