NBA exclusive footage of US Squad’s Kobe Bryant as he shows and tell us how hard he works to be one of the best.

Also, on ESPN: Kobe Discusses Plans for Future

Nichols: You said one day you wanted to be traded, you said you wanted to be a Laker for Life. There were different phone calls back and forth.

Bryant: I think a lot of people misinterpreted it. But that’s water under the bridge to me, because going forward, we’re handling our situation between ourselves, meaning the Lakers organization and myself. If things, if things were to be different, we both would have handled the situation a little differently.

Nichols: When you look back on that, are you thinking … Oh God, what was I doing then?

Bryant: Yeah, sure, it was just frustration. Frustration gets the best of everybody.

  • Ed

    I was watching ESPN and about an hour ago, they showed parts of Kobe’s interview, they will show the entire interview on Sunday,. Kobe said that when he demanded to be traded from LA, it was completely “out of frustration”. Does that mean that he never wanted to be traded? Does that also mean that the Lakers have more leverage in trades now that Kobe wants to be a Laker?

    I want to hear everyone’s opinion on this, so please if you have anything to say about my comment, let us all know!

  • MILO

    Ed, when Kobe went on his tirade/trade demand i think it was all instigated by Ric Bucher.I realy think that when it’s all said and done Kobe will step up and accept that he should have never said that.He will continue to be a Laker, i realy doubt that he realy wanted to be traded. Bucher keeps instigating the whole thing.I realy hate that guy do you think im rigth about Bucher???

  • MILO


  • kobe24mvp

    i was watching that also.and it looks like he was just frustrated.i mean people were all over him just after they lost and the finals were about to start,and he is such a competitor he wants to be playing not watching so offcoorse he is gonna be mad so thats what i thought the whole time i never really thought or think he wants or ever wanted to be tryd to make that kobe meeting with kupcake a big thing that he reiterated his trade demand(what it turn out to be he was APPOLOGIZING!)the way they were makin him out to be made me almost start to diss my favorite player!!!now i know and just dont listen to bspn and all the other B!tches that hate on kb24 and lakers.he knows wats up and he knows JO is coming soon…i cant wait to see the whole interview.

  • MILO


  • MILO


  • keep24

    Personally, I hope he said those things out of frustration. However, you have to admit that the timing was really bad.

    What if his demands really did effect the way some of those trades went. What if KG was right about not being sure of KB future. Being frustrated is one thing, but doing what he did at the most important part of the off season ( draft and free agency) is a whole other issue.

    I hope he comes back. I hope they offer him an extension of some sort and things work out.

    I really don’t want to go back to the Cedric Ceballos days again!!
    At least, not now, not anytime soon.

  • foxxy


  • Fan of the Mamba

    The tirade/radio tour whatever you want to call it was so emotional that it should of been evident or it was evident to me that he was frustrated and angry. He’s human, we don’t always make the best decisions, but most of us make those decisions without the media in our face.

    What’s been so odd to me is Kobe hasn’t said anything for months but most laker related blogs, articles, reports and such talk about this like it happened yesterday. And when it happened all I read was Kobe needs to stop talking. Then when he stopped talking, most said Kobe needs to say something. Guess we can put it down to it’s the slow summer from hell! LOL

  • D. Imhoff

    Kobe is used by reporters. He can’t win. I think, like he said issues between Kobe and the FO should be private and not in the press. Issues are worked out best that way. In anger we all say things we wish we hadn’t said. I hope all is forgiven and the new season is all that is on everyone’s mind. Basketball is a huge business where vast sums of money are at stake. There are a lot of people trying to get a piece of that money and all with agendas of their own. I hope that Kobe and the FO are the same page and communicating direcrly. I want Kobe to be a Laker for Life. He is clearly and unargueably the best of HIS GENERATION!