Great video piece done by smgs, following our team’s glorious past and our journey to championship #15. Enjoy!

  • lakers4life24

    amazing video.. just absolutely amazing.. gave me goosebumps throughout..
    16th ‘ship comin’ in 2010.. baby!!

  • KB24ForLife

    This is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen in my life. That was amazzzzzzzzzzzingggggggg!!!

  • Sopi

    DAMN!!! where can i download the better quality of this master piece???


    Oh my G O D. Dat Videos is da bomb, son! Where can I download it? AMAAAAAAZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIING!

  • BigPC

    YEAH BABY! Goosebumps time. As a lifetime Laker fan, this video made me really appreciate what the Lakers have given us all! That sense of pride of cheering for the best sports team of all time! My thanks to the people who put this togather! AWESOME!

  • kikosdad

    It’s perhaps the nth time I’ve watched this (first at lakersblog) and still gives me the chills. That wonderful journey was truly an amazing thing. This Lakers organization never ceases to amaze us and the only organization that and will only make us feel this way. My family and I have been a fan most of our life. Thanks smg and lakersnation for reminding us of this.

    Life is good and all is well. 1-2-3…RINGS.

  • daboss1848

    excellent vid – if not for the elementary grammar, it wouldve been epic.

    • Kam Pashai

      I think the creator is from Poland, so I give him a pass.

      • imfasterthanur

        I was going to say the same thing about the grammar/spelling. If he’s from Poland, though, he get’s an “A” in my book.

  • Robert

    Proud to be in the Laker’s Nation! Let’s get at least 3 more championships! This team is our chance to take possession of the all-time champ record, and seal the deal as the greatest basketball organization *ever*.

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  • deviate

    greatest video ever.

  • David Brickley

    Great Video. That took hours and hours and hours of work. Props to smgs

  • lakers0828

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT amazing wow I would Love to see that for about 4 more years wooooooooooo !

  • lakerman1


  • lilkobe24

    im sorry LD2K, you got a challenger >:o

  • KING

    that video was sick. i too noticed the “revange” but it was still incredible, made me miss shaq and ariza… dope ass video

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  • eMike

    One of the better videos I have seen. I usually don’t want the videos on this site because the guy who commentates has the most annoying voice ever but this was well done.

  • Dave

    (it was) very inspiring, except for (the poor) grammar. (I) enjoyed it. Next time (that you spend so much time on a video) get (some) help on (the) English.

  • lakers58

    i shed a tear no homo

  • Mihailicious

    man whoever made this video has some crazy skills, but one of those skills is not spelling

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    very nice
    the only problem i have w this video, is that there is not even 1 assist of the greatest lakers of all time (for now)
    i mean u make a lakers video and do not put magic showtime?
    are u kidding me?
    the baby hook is not enough, U must include some assists damn it

  • Mario

    WoW Gave me goosebumbs and it also got me pumped up can’t wait for the season to begin!!!!!!! Go Lakers Lets dominate and get #16,17,18,19,20 and many more…great video!!!!!

  • lakerfanatico

    send chills down my spine, awsome!!!

  • dracul

    Is that music from Transformers 2 ?