Lakers Examiner: In my article about last night’s loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, I alluded to Andrew Bynum’s flagrant foul on Gerald Wallace.

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer wrote today that it was a dirty foul and warned that if Bynum isn’t careful he could end up a “hockey goon”. I guess Rick was one of the folks that voted for “The Brute” as Bynum’s nickname.

Here’s the video…

My opinion is that, yes, it was a flagrant foul. But I guess I’m ‘old school’ in the thought that if an offensive player comes charging down the lane, a defender (especially a center) has the right to defend his basket.

There is no doubt that Bynum’s frustration led to his foul, but at that point in the game Bynum COULD NOT simply let Wallace score.

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  • Chris Manning

    Bynum didn’t need to turn away, but he didn’t “elbow” him, he simply looked like he was going to grab him. It was a weird play.

    Did it cross the line? (bleep) no. I wish we would’ve had someone to stop the layup drill that was the NBA Finals last year. I wish Wallace the best:

    “Wallace was diagnosed as having between 30 and 40 percent of his left lung collapsed and a non-displaced fracture of the fifth rib after being examined at a Los Angeles hospital. He had a chest tube inserted to help restore the lung to functional capacity, but will remain hospitalized for the next 48 hours for observation, the team said. “

  • lakaluva

    No easy layups!!! Great Job “Bone Crusher Bynum”

  • lmao

    You fanboys are idiots. The man has a collapsed lung and broken rib, of course he went too far. You can stop easy lay ups without causing injury 90% of the time. That 10% is when players are frustrated and don’t use their pea sized brains.

  • KING-BQ1981

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    Stupid fould! Best wishes to G. Wallace

  • fUN

    But if it hadn’t caused a injury it would have been talked about?
    Hard? Yes. Flagrant? Yes. Dirty? No. It didn’t seem like Bynum tried to intentional hit Wallace with his elbow. Hope Wallace gets better soon.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Damn, Bynum really f*cked him up. I know it wasn’t a good foul, but I don’t think Bynum meant to deliberately hurt Wallace that bad.

  • Chris Manning

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    Really? That was his intent to hurt him? What evidence do you have of this?

  • David

    I’m all about no easy buckets, but Bynum be making STUPID, RECKLESS fouls. The way he be fouling people is asking for fight, Lebron nearly fought him like it week or 2 ago. If he keeps fouling people the way he does, the nba needs to fine and suspend him. Cause it’ll be bad for the lakers if he makes a DUMB foul like this in a playoff series where they really need him. If the nba doesn’t do anything somebody needs to KNOCK HIM OUT so he can learn some COMMON SENSE

  • [Comment ID #59952 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well you simply don’t like physical play, but that is what wins championships. Look at the Celdicks. It wasn’t a dumb foul, it was a great foul. Option A: Give him an easy layup (99.9% success), or Option B: send him to the line to shoot 2 (Gerald Wallace is an 80% FT shooter, so 8/10*8/10 (for each shot)=64/100= 64% chance that Gerald Wallace will make both FTs). Thus, 99.9% Wallace makes an easy dunk for 2 points – clock doesnt stop or 64% chance Wallace makes 2 from the line – clock stops.
    Statistically, it was a great foul

  • golakers75

    hell yeah drew 1st the hard foul on LBJ now some broken ribs, nice. drew is on a broken rib tour starting with al jefferson, then mayo. and then it all leads up to paul the b it ch peirce, andrew is going to give him a real reason to get into a wheel-chair. ray allen can come get some to..
    way to go andrew, its time for the league to take notice. you coming in for an easy layup in the 4th u better protect those ribs.

  • Lakers 24 7

    ….lol well you guys wanted a tougher and more physical Bynum…so you got it. What are you complaining about? It’s about time somebody knocks somebody else on their ass. Yea sure, Wallace got hurt badly, but with that hard foul that game was practically given to us and we didn’t take it. Bobcats missed 5 straight FT’s and we had a chance to capitalize.

  • dam, too bad it was wallace. I wish it was lebron.

  • Lakersfan9

    Gerald Wallace is an idiot…he should’ve learned to stop playing like an idiot after his last concussion…or the one before that…or the one before that. Bynum was just late making his rotation and the clown was trying to leap over him or onto him or something. Hope he regains his health…but if he’s gonna risk his life every f***ing time he plays he needs to retire or something.

    Besides, Trevor Ariza is out indefinitely after that washed up piece of s**t Juwan Howard gave him a concussion, so it’s karma…an eye for an eye.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    im a 100% laker fan…but Bynum is continuing to do this every 3-4 games…this should be reviewed in the NBA office for a possible suspension. This foul is actually suspension worthy, unlike kobe’s “unnatural basketball act”.



  • sketch

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    are you watching the same video? of course bynum threw his elbow purposely! i don’t think that he meant to hurt him, nor do i think that he really knew what it would do to wallace by throwing his elbow out there, but…it was clear that he did it intentionally.

    it was also evident that bynum felt bad about the foul because he can see that he actually had gestured to possibly helping wallace up after the foul.

    flagrant? yes! dirty? yes! (even if he didn’t know what he was doing…it’s still dirty!) watch for the nba possibly suspending bynum. i hope it doesn’t happen, but they’re gonna want to clean this up and make sure that elbows don’t get thrown around like that freely!

    prayers and thoughts are with you g. wallace! hope you heal quickly bro!

  • xUSCx

    I, for one, love the fact that Bynum is playing hard, old school ball. This is exactly what the team needs. Look how we were throttled last year by Boston’s physical play. Bynum is finally giving max effort. A couple more hard fouls and players won’t just be scared of Bynum’s shot-blocking ability, they’ll be worried about getting put on their @ss. Yes, I feel bad for Wallace, but I don’t think Bynum intentionally tried to hurt him. He did however, mean to stop him from getting to the basket. At that point in the game, Andrew missed the spot and was probably too tired to shift in front of him, so he went for the easy, hard foul. I’ll be surprised if the league suspends him. He didn’t go for his head either.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Well said. Everybody here wanted physical play out of Bynum, well, they got it, now wtf are they complaining for. Bynum shouldn’t look to soften up, he should just think about who his next victim is. You guys are willin’ to give him a tough nickname, well he’s livin’ up to it. Gerald Wallace just got hit by the A-Train. I hope Wallace gets better soon, but Bynum is puttin’ the league on notice.

  • Razor Ramon

    The only thing dirty on bynum may be his ass, but other than that he did not have any intentions on breaking ribs, he just aint gonna let someone dunk on him!

  • kb4sure

    What a bunch of soft marshmallows are coming out of the woodwork, and against our own beloved Lakers no less! Some so-called Lakers fan went so far as to say Bynum should be fined, and maybe suspended? WOW! This is basketball dudes; it is much more physical than analytical. There are bodies colliding all of the time. Nobody intentionally tried to injure anybody.

  • as1084

    people wanted the lakers, especially drew, to toughen up and not be so soft….here is the result…nobody better come into drew’s paint!

  • Chris

    Look drama queens it was just a hard foul. He did not turn his elbow into Wallace. Relax it was a frustration foul, complete accident. Bynum keep up the good work. Bynum felt bad and apologized before he even knew the severity of his injury. Bynum is a class act!


    I say give him a 4 game suspension. That way he will come back against the cavs and celtics. Chris Mihm needs the work anyways, we will need him in the playoffs.

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #60034 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I say you get lost..


    [Comment ID #60034 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This poser, who can’t pose to save his life, has LEADERFISH & ab4sure, S U C K I N G hard, the BIG Balls of the real Warlock, all over this site! lol

  • bernzter

    [Comment ID #60030 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agree… When you play in the Philippines Basketball Association (I watched some games a while back) the fouls that they give there are hard as that some people literally break bones and stuff…

    What AB did was just protecting his domaine… You’all wanted the Lakers to be tougher and one person is responding to the challenge and now you want to hang him? How hippocritical can you all be?

    Although the foul resulted in a collapsed lung, he did not do it on purpose… Heck even Larry Brown said that he waited outside of their bus to say sorry! If it was some other player in the league (the calibre of LBJ or KG perhaps?) You won’t hear them saying sorry personally to the coach of the other team… they would just shrug it off and say “I had to protect my domain…” and stuff like that… The BIG BYNUM was just doing the same…

    I agree with most of the other posts here that if GWallace just stood up and walked off this discussion would not be happening. A hard foul is a hard foul… whatever happens because of it cannot be helped… Just because someone did a hard foul doesn’t mean that they intentionally tried to maim the other player… they just wanted to stop them…

    Besides, check the old school tapes you posers… and you’ll see that there were HARDER fouls on MJ23 during his reign that weren’t classified as flagrant… We’ve gone soft… we need to toughen up the game again…

    Good work BIG DREWBY… keep it up… don’t listen to these weak posers here…

    (he didn’t go for the head… I like that quote… He didn’t indeed…)


    [Comment ID #60034 Will Be Quoted Here]
    What truly is “queenish and cowardly”; is the dirt bag of this petty poser, who hides behind somebody else’s Thunder and cries WOLF! …What a WHIMP!
    …Back to the Real Deal, and Kudos to bernzter!
    …That foul was not even a valid flagrant!
    …Bynum simply went with outstretched arms (NOT with a bent elbow) in an attempt to impede Gerald’s forward momentum towards an easy lay-up!
    …Never an attempt to intentionally hurt somebody, but basically, a simple foul that was considered hard, because of the speed of the impact!
    …Never was he going for the head, neck, or undercutting an airborne player!
    You gotta say it like it truly is people/whimps, *&^%$#@!

  • bernzter

    [Comment ID #60095 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Just a simple case of the immovable object vs the unstoppable force…

    Either way, one had to give… Sorry G Wal… Hope you get better but AB!!! Keep it up…

    Don’t listen to POSERS and keep your chin up… You just made the Lakers tough! I just hope that someone else follows through and steps through the challenge and get their act together… LO? PG? LW even?

    In any case… This is a good yardstick for the NBA to review themselves and see what has happened to them in the few years…

    As one of my best friends would keep saying to posers… SOFT… Hehehe, I like that SOFT!

  • Jack Meoffe

    Yes, the boob bynum fouled wallace – flagrant Of course! Karma Yes – for the boob going down with a knee ending injury! If you paly you pay!

  • Joey

    HE COLLAPSED HIS LUNG. He should be fined. If he wasnt a basketball player he would easily be arrested. So screw you and the lakers.