There’s not a lot to say about this… other than maybe this guy reminds us our very own Kam Pashai. Enjoy this video, we cracked up. You crazy Lakers fans, you. Which one of you is this dude?

  • LC09

    lmao hahahahahahahaha this ish wasss toooo damn funny hahahaha

  • rissa missa

    WOW!! did he really say, “we”ll just hold each other and be okay with the silence…”?!? a bit creepy but that was hella funny!!! :D

  • LakersFirst

    aahhhchoo_f*ggot_ hmmhmm

    Excuse I had to sneeze

  • laker fan

    it’s that guy jeremy from groundligns lol this bit was funny

  • Shizzweak!

    This guy is a Tweaker (Meth USER)

  • Vk2

    hahahhahahaahaha! good find.

  • Ramneet Singh


  • Justin M.

    wow, that was uncomfortable for me, wonder how kobe feels

  • Daboss

    restraining order now kobe

  • Sean All Ivy

    Absolutey awesome. I can’t believe they let this guy go on live tv for as long as he did. When he pulls up the flower I fell over laughing.

  • Josh in Da 310

    Kobe extra security as soon as possible..You have a clinger

  • Wow Really?

    wow @ you guys thinking this was real lmaoo

  • lakers2000

    WTF!!!???!!!??? Haaa Haaaa Haaaa. I am not going to be able to sleep after watching that.

  • Kam Pashai

    This is a parody made by the same guys who made those David Blaine Street Magic videos. REALLY funny.

    Wait, how does this guy remind you of me?!

  • KING

    haha that shit was kinda funny

  • yeeaaa

    lets buy some antiques!!!!!

  • Billy Kupchak

    I’m back! :D