Epic montage by NavjotEnt, for this years X-Mas game between our Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers…

  • corn_bread&biscuits2

    Pretty dope!!!! Like that one a lot!!!

  • daboss1848

    great compilation . ..not sure what history is expected to be made, but great melodrama nonetheless.


    I don’t know why they put in the title “ON DECEMBER 25TH, HISTORY WILL BE MADE”. It’s not like that these 2 dudes have never met before. Is it because it’s the first time that they’ll play of Christmas Day? Who the f cares? LeHype’s gonna get all the superstar calls like he’s always been given, while Kobe’s gotta earn his… nothing new. Kobe will overcome like he always does and will lead the Lakers to victory!

    Shaq will try to assert himself because he’s playing against Kobe and his old team, but he’s gonna suck and pick up quick fouls and lay enough bricks at the free throw line to build the projects.

    This is gonna be a routine game for our Lakers while for the Cavs it’s gonna be a huge ordeal! Every team that the Lakers play is just another opponent except for the Celd!cks while for everyone else, the Lakers game is the one that they circle on their calendar!

    The Lakers is the premiere team and the premiere game for anyone else in the league. While, it’s all just practice games for us until the playoffs start! So, let’s just get this one over with and bring on those Cockston Celd!ck b!tches! I wanna see our Lakers steam roll through them in the Championships and claim what’s ours once again, a Championship trophy for the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO BYNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO PAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK LEBRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK SNAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    ok that was awesome

  • Bismark24

    Should’ve been just about KOBE……This is the Lakers Nation!!! I don’t want to see any Lebron stuff on here. A little disappointed.

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      What if Lebron signs with the Lakers next season?


        then we’ll welcome him with open arms, but until then he’s still the enemy!

        oh, and even then… he’s still second fiddle to kobe!

  • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

    Wow, that gave me chills ! :)

  • drive-for-16th

    He will never come and play for the Lakers!

  • thanhttrinh

    KObe > Lebrick
    Gasol > Shaq
    Zen master > Mike Brown
    Lakers > Cavs
    at home guys ! we should not lose that game

    • Ronin99

      Lebron = QUEEN James + DIVA

      Shag = SNAQ

      I got 2 words for SNAQ: JENNY CRAIG…Can you dig it?….CAN YOU DIG IT???

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Ending needs work. Overall, it’s great.

    I can’t wait until Christmas!

  • gugy

    I love the part they show Shaq and Kobe says no title for you big fella. hahaha

    But seriously, yes it is all fun, but LBJ is not even in the same breath as Kobe. The guy has not won anything. He is so much media hype.
    Yes he is a great player, but he needs to get at least 1 ring to start this whole rivalry thing. Yes Kobe will be pumped to play against him but that’s about it IMHO.