What part of your game did you work on over the summer?
My whole game. My face-up jumper, my outside jumper, my back to the basket game. I’m not that good that I can work on only one part of my game, so I have to work on every part of my game.

What are your goals for this season?
My personal goal is to be more a part of the rotation of the team. I feel that I truly truly belong in there. Just help this team in anyway possibly to be bring success back to the city of Los Angeles.

What is the best thing that you feel you bring to the team?
Energy, I bring toughness, I bring passing to make things easier for everyone else, rebounding, blocking shots. I can pretty much try to be a defensive presence down there. When kwame gets out and drew gets out, I can bring some toughness.

Have you spoken with Phil about your role and what he wants from you over the next season?
I think it’s going to be decided in training camp. See how I play and how everyone else plays and see about the injury with Lamar to see if I need to go more of the power forward this year, stuff like that. Especially with Chris Mihm coming back. So I think it’s going to be a fun year for me, and we’ve talked a little bit, but nothing specific. So I’m looking forward to this year.

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  • TheLAunit

    RONNY reminds me of a Dennis Rodman when he was with the Piston, Scoring, blocking, Rebounding, he can do it all but now the goal is to be more consistant by Jerking every time he steps on the court. I See You Boi. like Bill Walton would say “throw it down big man throw it down”

  • Mien

    i hope ronny starts…he can play the same role Udonis Haslem plays for Miami ie Knocking down shots..going for offensive rebounds and good defense..common do you really think a player like dirk would light up ronny… Ronny just needs to learn to move his feet and quit being soo foul prone.

    I like this lineup
    fisher/ kobe/ lamar/ ronny/ bynum
    farmar/evans/walton/ mihm/ kwame
    j.critt/coby/vlad/cook/ bynum
    the first line up has a lot of long as the bigs are not foul prone, we are going to smoke teams, dominate rebound wise…maan i’m excited.

  • foxxy

    LAKERS 4REAL!!!!!